How To Survive A Plane Crash And Still Stay Sane

No one prays for a plane crash because it’s rare to survive one, however, to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Most people have had a near crash experience where the turbulence had gone beyond the regular and the only thing that comes to mind is “so this is the end?”

Certainly not the end! Some people have survived a plane crash, so you too can. It’s a matter of choice and will to survive aside God Almighty who preserves.

Juliane Koepke was the lone survivor of Lansa flight 508 over Peru in 1971. After falling two miles into the rainforest strapped to her seat, Juliane, who was 17 years old at the time, severed her collarbone and ruptured her knee ligaments.

Her only savior was some survival skills her father taught her; it saved her and kept her alive in the forest for ten days.

Plane Crash

Last week, an Emirates flight EK51 from India crash-landed at the Dubai international airport with 300 people on board, while a DHL Cargo Plane in Italy skidded off the runway and ended up on a road near the airport; with no serious fatalities. While investigations on the probable cause of both crashes are ongoing, the laudable effort of the Emirates Crew in evacuating 282 passengers in 90 seconds shows a high safety standard and professionalism.

Imagine yourself in a scenario; the plane is jerking uncontrollably and the turbulence is more than the pilot can handle; These tips below will help you survive.

Read Flight Safety Manuals

First things first, it’s safer to fly in larger plans as the shock absorbing effect is higher if there is a crash. Most people feel reluctant reading the safety card and listening to the flight attendants because to them “it is the same old instruction.” No matter how often you fly, try to remind yourself of the safety rules so no one skips your mind in the time you need it the most.

Once there is an emergency situation, listen to every word the flight attendants say, they are professionals in that area. A video of the Emirates incident last week showed passengers scrambling for laptops, trying to get their belongings from the overhead compartments, while flight attendants screamed instructions to dash for the emergency exit. This is not good for survival.

Use Your Oxygen Masks

Plane Crash

The oxygen masks in the airplane are to provide supplemental oxygen in cases of loss of pressure. You may be carried away by the fear of the unknown but trust me, you may require the oxygen mask as your brain would require extra oxygen. Once the flight is out of air, get air first.


Docking has always been a useful move in any dangerous situation. Research has shown that it’s best to lean forward in advance of an anticipated crash so your head is close to the seat in front of you. To press you toward the back of that seat, the theory says, reduces the risk of a deadly secondary impact, where your head whips forward and slams into a hard surface.

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Release Your Seat Belt

One of the most bizarre findings into crashes and passenger behavior is that people struggle to undo their seat belts when the plane begins to malfunction. In cars, when there is an accident the doors and seat belts become so stiff, this is not so with planes as it uses manual buckles not belts with automatic buttons. So learn to unbuckle them as fast as you can, bearing in mind that you are inside a plane and not a car.

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Overcome Smoke

The best move while dealing with smoke is to get down low under the smoke so you have access to fresh uncontaminated air. Also, you must cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth. To improvise, you could use clothing ripped from seat covers around you and wet the cloth for it to be effective. Any water can be used, including urine.

Get Out Fast

Plane Crash

If the plane crash-landed and you’re still alive then run out fast and thank God later. Remember, you only have 90 seconds. Once you are able to come out of a plane safely, the next move is to run as fast and far away from it as you can before it explodes and don’t block the way for other people to run out as well.

One of the strangest is trying to retrieve some or all of your possessions. You don’t have time, the possessions will slow you down, besides it only material things, your life is a priority.


It’s scarier to crash-land in water as not everyone can swim, but hey, that’s why you have a life jacket. Try not to inflate your vest until you need it to keep afloat. Swim into the waves and wind; the wind will carry fire and smoke away from you; wave action will carry floating fuel away from you. Use your whistle wisely, Rose in the movie ‘Titanic’ would not have been rescued if she didn’t use hers.

Finally, if you’re with your family, talk to your children about what to do in the event of an emergency. Divide the responsibility of helping your children between you and your partner. It’s easier for one adult to help a single child than for both to try to keep everyone together, then wait for rescue.

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