Buhari’s Lagos To Abuja Trekker Denies Regret Reports, Reveals Next Plan


President Muhammadu Buhari’s 2015 Lagos to Abuja trekker, Mr. Suleiman Hashimu, has debunked reports that he has lost faith in the president and regrets embarking on the long journey in celebration of Buhari’s emergence as the President of Nigeria in the 2015 presidential election, describing the reports are mischievous and misleading. He also told reporters that he plans to do it again, although not alone this time.

On Thursday, in Abuja, Mr. Suleiman Hashimu told the News Agency of Nigeria that he is planning a march together with some youths to demonstrate their support and solidarity for the Buhari’s actions so far.

Suleiman rejected the news that he has lost faith in the president, adding that the reports are quoted out of context. The man renewed his pledge to always support President Buhari because of his capability to solve Nigeria’s challenges.  He said:

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Buhari’s Trekker, Mr. Suleiman Hashimu Dressed In Red

“I woke this morning and some of my friends started calling and asking if I am aware of reports in the social media, claiming that I – Hashimu – have regretted trekking for President Muhammadu Buhari.

“It is not true. It is a rumour, false and a lie. I did not regret my action. If I have another opportunity to trek for President Buhari, I will do it again, even from Nigeria to anywhere. I do not regret my action – trekking for him. I am in support of everything he is doing. 

“I did not speak to any journalist yesterday, today or recently.” 

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Hashimu said he was not surprised when he heard the rumour because he believes it could be the handwork of some politicians who intend to spite the president despite his efforts so far. His words:

“I am not surprised because as a politician, he has opposition and I believe people are looking for all ways to spoil his name.

“They spread this rumour not to dent my name but the president’s. They also want to use the rumour to say that I am no longer with the president, that I am no longer supporting him, it is a lie.”

Hashimu had made a personal promise in 2013 that should former military ruler run and win the 2015 presidential poll, he would trek from Lagos to Abuja. On April 20, 2015, he fulfilled his promise.

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Some days ago reports emerged that Mr. Suleiman Hashimu regretted trekking for President Buhari. The media sites quoted him as saying that the APC government had made things worse for Nigerians.

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