Strange! Lady Has Weird Toes As Long As Fingers


A Taiwanese university student has got the internet buzzing after posting pictures of her weird toes which has the longest one measuring an incredible five centimetres (two inches).

The young lady, who claims to study at Tunghai University in Taichung city, posted a blog on Dcard, an online community for university students in Taiwan, on May 26 with the title ‘the long toes nobody can match.’

She said she is 151 centimetres tall (4ft 11in), but her toes are so long they seem out of proportion. Her second toe, which is the longest, is five centimetres (two inches).

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The woman says because her second toes are the longest, she has Greek feet – instead of an Egyptian foot when the big toe is the longest or an Roman foot when first three toes are of the same length. She claimed that Greek foot is a sign that the owner is a beauty.

weird toes 2

In the post, the unidentified lady says since her childhood, she has always drawn attention whenever she wears flip-flops.

According to her, she has even been told that she didn’t evolve properly. People would surround her and discuss about her as if she were an animal.

She says that both of her parents also have long toes, so at first she had never noticed that there was anything different about her. Her parents have been a great help when she has to tiptoe.

The pictures also show off some of her unusual skills, such as spreading her toes apart widely and locking them tightly together like fingers.

Her post has racked up nearly 500 shares and 11,000 likes, prompting millions of web users to puzzle over which are her fingers and which are her toes.

On Facebook, many people have started tagging their friends whom they think also have weird toes, whether they are deemed too long or too short.

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Most commentators said they had thought they were her hands and not her feet.