Black Magic: Stolen Wallet Turned Into Clingy Snake And Does This…


A notorious pickpocket was practically begging for mercy on Monday, December 18, when the wallet he stole from one his victims turned into a clingy deadly snake.

This happened for real in Ghana where local media reported that the 27-year-old hoodlum identified as Mbu, snatched a wallet from an allegedly Sangoma’s (traditional diviner) pocket. While he was about to check the content of his booty, it turned into a cobra.

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Black Magic: Stolen Wallet Turned Into Clingy Snake And Does This

According to eyewitnesses, not so smart thief tracked the alleged Sangoma who was about to board a taxi and confessed the theft and wanted to return it. But he is not getting away easily as the old man rejected the purse and denied he’s the real owner.

An anonymous witness narrated what happened that fateful day.

He stole a wallet from an old man, people around are just saying the old man is a Sangoma but no one knows the man around. When he snatched the wallet he went behind that billboard that’s when the wallet turned into a snake. Now he tracked the man and found him but the problem is the old fellow is denying his wallet, he even produced a pouch-like purse as proof to show that the snake wallet wasn’t his.

“The snake is not biting him but its stuck in his hands because he could not extract the it from his hand or throw the it way, this is first grade black magic.

“The police just come after a commotion but they ignored the case, I am not sure what he is thinking right now but if the owner denies the wallet they will have to visit a popular local sangoma to cast out the spell.”

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The commotion attracted the attention of the police to the scene but an officer said the case is off limit for the police, rather all they can do is to invite wildlife and park management department to handle it.