Sterling Bank Customer Care Contacts, Email Address and Complaints Channels

One of the most frequently asked questions among bank customers is how to get customer care contacts without necessarily visiting the banking hall. If you are wondering how to get Sterling Bank customer care contacts, this post contains all the information you need on the bank’s official customer care phone contacts, email addresses, and social media handles.

With the catchphrase “Your one-customer bank”, Sterling bank is clearly a financial institution whose management prioritizes satisfying the yearnings of their customers while helping them improve their financial status. In this regard, the bank management is quite knowledgeable about the imperativeness of swiftly and promptly meeting their customers’ complaints, which is why they have set up one of the most efficient customer care units.

What Is Sterling Bank Customer Care and What Are Their Different Channels?

Sterling Bank customer care consists of well-trained representatives who attend to customers’ complaints and issues. Sterling Bank has one of the most friendly, and professionally efficient, customer care services, you may hardly get in other banks. Aside from the bank’s customer care unit at different branches, there are other platforms provided by the bank through which customers can always channel their complaints. These channels include:

  • The customer care official phone numbers
  • Emails
  • Live chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

If you wish to visit a Sterling Bank branch to file a complaint, all you need to do is go straight to the customer care unit. There, you will find a customer service officer who is ever ready to listen to, and quickly resolve all of your issues. Nevertheless, being a customer-oriented bank, Sterling Bank has made it easy for their esteem customers to access their customer care service in their comfort zones without visiting any branch.

How Can I Access Sterling Bank Customer Care Remotely?

Bringing your complaints to the customer care unit is one of the easiest things you could do in a banking hall, or even from the comfort of your home with the aid of your mobile phone. We’ll be going through the different channels through which you can reach Sterling Bank customer care.

Sterling Bank Customer Care Official Numbers

There are several phone numbers that you could just dial and be linked to a customer service officer who is eager to address your issues at any time. These are the official Sterling Bank customer care toll-free phone numbers to call:

  • ​017003270
  • ​(+234) 07008220000
  • ​01-4484481
  • ​01-8888822

You can call these numbers at any time of the day, as they offer a 24hrs service. Notwithstanding, these numbers are not meant for text messages so you don’t have to send an SMS to any of the numbers, as it will not be regarded, they mainly for calls only.


There is also the IVR system available when you dial the customer care numbers. This platform takes you through different procedures for solving different issues without having to speak with a customer care agent.

Sterling Bank Customer Care Email Address

Sterling Bank has an official email address where customers can always send emails to communicate with the customer care unit and get prompt responses on any issue. Thus, the official Customer Care email address for Sterling Bank is

This saves them the stress of having to visit the banking hall to resolve transactional issues. In other words, you can also access the bank’s customer care anywhere you are if you are too occupied to visit the banking hall.

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Sterling Bank Online Live Chat

Sterling Bank also offers you the option of online live chat, which can be accessed at any time, from anywhere, provided you have internet access. By using this platform, you can get connected to a customer care representative to answer whatever query you may have.

Simply visit the official website of Sterling Bank and click on the message icon you would see on the screen and get connected to a customer care representative.

What Is Sterling Bank WhatsApp Number?

It goes without saying that social media has revolutionized the information and communication landscape of most countries of the world, including Nigeria. Coming to terms with this reality, most businesses have tried to diversify their transactions, to include social media so as to meet the needs of their customers, and showcase their products and services to millions of users.

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In Nigeria today, one of the most popular social media platforms used by almost all internet and smartphone users is WhatsApp. If you are wondering whether Sterling Bank has a WhatsApp number, the answer is YES. Sterling Bank’s customer care unit is up to speed with the trend, as it has provided a WhatsApp number for customers to leverage.

How You Can Communicate With Sterling Bank Customer Care On WhatsApp

The official customer care WhatsApp number for Sterling Bank is: +234 906 000 6449

These are the simple steps to follow in registering for the Sterling bank WhatsApp banking:

  • First, you are required to save the WhatsApp mobile number: +234 906 000 6449 in your contact list.
  • Start chatting in a conversation by saying “Hi”
  • Accept terms and conditions by inputting “I agree” and your sterling bank account number
  • Input the OTP sent to the registered phone number attached to your BVN number.
  • Create your PIN by providing your card details.
  • The WhatsApp number is meant to make banking transactions to be fun, just the way you enjoy chatting with your friends and family on WhatsApp.

Benefits of Using Sterling Bank WhatsApp

There are numerous benefits of registering on the Sterling WhatsApp, these include:

  • Easy, simple, fast, and convenient to use
  • Automatically links and enables all your accounts for transaction
  • Self-service registration, which means that you can register for the service all by yourself
  • You can also enjoy services such as:
  • Account opening
  • Balance inquiry
  • Sterling to Sterling and Sterling to other banks’ transfers
  • Airtime and bills payment
  • BVN inquiry
  • Statement generation

Note: You are expected to use only the registered phone number which you used in opening your Sterling Bank Account.

Other Sterling Bank Customer Care Social Media Platforms

Sterling Bank also has other social media handles, which they use mostly to update customers on new and existing products and services. New policies and trends are also disseminated through social media by the bank to its customers. Also, it is another platform where customers can easily follow to lay their complaints.

Hereunder are the official Sterling Bank social media handles:

Sterling Bank Facebook:

Sterling Bank Twitter: @Sterling_Bankng

Sterling Bank Instagram: @sterlingbank


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