Stephanie Otobo: Apostle Suleiman Had Threesome With His Ex-Girlfriend, Actress Daniella Okeke


Apostle Suleman’s accuser, Stephanie Otobo, has once again made more damning expose about her alleged relationship with the senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries.

Stephanie who is a Canada-based Nigerian Singer took her game to the next level yesterday when she claimed that she has more evidence to prove that her claims were not cooked up in order to blackmail the cleric.

She stated that she forthwith petitions the Nigerian Police to go through her bank records at UBA to confirm the transfer of monies to her by the Pastor. at a press conference in Lagos released by Sahara Tv, a media outlet of Sahara reporters.

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She made this known during a press conference in Lagos released by Sahara TV, a media outlet of Sahara Reporters, adding that she is still in possession of the phone with which she screen-grabbed pictures of Apostle Suleiman while they communicated through video chats. Miss Stephanie Otobo said this in response to earlier claims by the Pastor and graphic professionals that the pictures may have been photoshopped.

The accuser also urged the police to check the phone for the picture evidence of his manhood which she claims he sent to her. Speaking further, Stephanie also disclosed that the size of Apostle Suleman’s manhood was ‘average’ and consequently, asked the police prove her right by checking the pictures and the preacher’s organ.

She said that Apostle Suleman doesn’t eat much and that he loves sex a lot…even when he’s sleeping.

“He can’t really eat. I noticed that about him. Most of the times we spent together, we had sex. I refused to have a threesome with him because I am not a lesbian and I don’t like women touching me. He told me he had a threesome with all his past girlfriends. I was the only one that is very rude, that can’t do that with him.”

One of the reporters then asked her to name one of the girlfriends of the Apostle she knows and she said “I don’t know if I want to involve anybody right now. He told me his ex-girlfriend, Daniella Okeke, some actress girl”.

Recall that during her appearance in court days back, she tried to mention the actress’ name, she struggled to but couldn’t remember then. Now, she has just called her out.

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Stephanie Otobo was kept in the police custody after her arrest last weekend and was arraigned at the Chief Magistrate Court in Tinubu, Lagos, on March 6. She and one other person were arraigned on a four-count charge which includes terrorism and extortion.

The president of the Chief Magistrate Court, Kikekomo Bukola Ayeye, granted Stephanie N100, 000 and ordered that she be remanded in the court holding cell until she fulfills her bail conditions.

However, after two days of meeting the conditions of her bail, the judge was unavailable to sign the bail bond until Thursday 9th March when she was finally released.

In a brief interview with Sahara Reporters, Stephanie Otobo spokes exuberantly about being out of prison and promised to clear the air about the whole drama surrounding her and the very controversial story of her alleged relationship with Apostle Johnson Suleman.