Statues Of Naked Donald Trump Erected All Over NY, US Streets 


Several naked statues of USA’s  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has appeared over on the streets corners of elite and commercial cities of the United States of America.

According to report from Washington Post, the anarchist collective INDECLINE is responsible for the statues tagged: ”The Emperor Has No Balls,’ which was coined from the famous fairytale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” in which a narcissistic emperor gets conned into strolling amongst his people in the nude.

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Statues Of Naked Donald Trump Erected All Over NY, US Streets 

People hovered around it, taking selfies and pictures and right about now, the statue is all over social media; Facebook, Twitter etc… This obviously depicts disgruntles and protests from anti-Trump groups, rallying for him ‘not’ to be elected President of the United State.

The INDECLINE had explained in an interview, that their intention was to humiliate Trump and his authoritarian tendencies. They had hired Los Angeles-based artist behind the designs, Ginger, describing the making of the statues, and he said he wanted to give Trump a “constipated look”.

The naked statues show a veiny Trump with a saggy bottom, with other specific details, such as a Masonic ring on his finger.

Statues Of Naked Donald Trump Erected All Over NY, US Streets 

Cities where Trump’s naked statues were unveiled include: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle and New York.

Meanwhile the New York City Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small, thus the parks department tore the naked statues down while the ebullient crowd booed. The dismantling process was monitored by the city’s Police Department who told the Guardian it was unattended property and had to be removed.

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Donald Trump is popularly known for his lash tonguing and blunt campaign speeches. The billionaire presidential candidate has also been portrayed in a nude painting which made headway across the internet after it was banned for public display due to copyright violations.

But Trump is not alone in this caricature, it was reported that President Vladimir Putin of Russia had also been depicted naked in 2014, in a painting sent by Ukrainian artist Olga Oleynik