Wizkid Picks Up Fight With Tanzanian Singer During Chris Brown’s Concert In Kenya


Wizkid the starboy almost ruined Chris Brown’s concert in Kenya after engaging in a fight with a Tanzania’s top star, Ali Kiba, over trivial a issue. who would perform first at the Mombasa Rocks concert.

According to Kenya co.ke reports, the misunderstanding was over who would perform first at the Mombasa Rocks concert. Ali Kiba insisted he would not perform before Wizkid, this lead to a verbal fight as they stressed it to who was the biggest, who had the largest fan base and who would perform last.

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“Ali Kiba is said to have insisted that he would not take to the stage before Wizkid, leading to a disagreement that reportedly delayed the arrival of American RnB singer and main performer of the night, Chris Brown.

“Kiba felt he is bigger in Kenya than Wizkid hence he could not understand why he was scheduled to perform before the Nigerian singer,”Nairobi News said, confirming the clash.

Wizkid lost the battle and Ali Kiba proceeded to perform right before Chris Brown (Seeing as the biggest masquerade comes out last). However, this almost ruined Chris Brown’s event as the fight led to his own show being moved to later in the night that Saturday.

The drama proceeded as Ali Kiba was on the stage, his microphone got disconnected, prompting him to end his performance midway.

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“I was surprised. I don’t know whether the microphone was disconnected for Chris Brown to be ushered in. I hope my fans understood that it was not my fault,” Ali Kiba says.

Well, this is the umpteenth time Starboy is creating a scene while scheduled to perform out of the country. In April this year, Wizkid disappointed his fans in Zimbabwe by not showing up for a sold out event, even while he was said to be in the country. One month after, he did something similar again, this time on a stage in Accra, Ghana.

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The Nigerian pop singer was in Ghana for the 17th Ghana Music Awards, when the said incident took place. We hope so much wealth and fame is not intoxicating him already because pride comes before a fall.

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