Sperm Harvesters: Four Women Gang Rape Male Teacher


Four women, suspected to be ‘Sperm Harvesters’  kidnapped, drugged and gang-raped a Zimbabwean school teacher last week Friday.

The victim from Lupane, whose man name was withheld reportedly woke up naked in the bush, feeling extremely weak by the next morning.

Narrating his ordeal, the man said he was sexually abused for hours by a group of four light skinned women who gave him a lift on Friday night, 17 February 2017. He immediately proceeded to the Lupane police station to file a complaint.

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According to reports, a police source said the victim was given a lift in a Toyota Quantum with five people on board, four women and a man who was driving the vehicle.

With the intent to travel to Bulawayo on Friday night, the teacher was given a lift by the group of women who were traveling in a Quantum with South African number plates.

The victim said the women were speaking their native language – IsiNdebele and another language which he could not understand.

Narrating further, the source said the driver diverted the route after some time, and one of the women told him that they wanted to pick up someone.

After the driver stopped the car, one of the women quickly covered his eyes while others held his feet and hands together.

sperm harvesters gang rape man 2


The teacher said they forced him to drink a substance from a bottle and he passed out. He suspects that they sexually assaulted him and took away his semen as he woke up at 5AM naked with a weak body and bruised private part.

After wearing his clothes, which were left on the scene, he walked to the main road where he boarded a lift to Lupane police station and filed a report and was later taken to St Luke’s Hospital for treatment.

This is not the first of such reports as sperm harvesting seems to be a not so new trend in Zimbabwe. Recently, the city of Bulawayo has been struggling with illegal sperm collectors.

Last year, a case was reported of three women who engaged in the act of gang raping men in order to harvest sperms. According to Zimbabwean official reports, the three women were driving and offered a male hitchhiker a lift along a major road in the city of Bulawayo, in the country’s southwest.

But halfway through the journey, the women attacked their victim – forcing him to have sex with them and eloped with his semen. Officials of Bulawayo Police later picked the victim up at an illegal hiking point on 6th Avenue in the city.

In 2010 and 2011, the town reported a dozen of similar cases. These assaults were suspected to be proof of an increase in ‘demand for semen for ritual purposes’.

In November 2011, three sisters and one of their boyfriends were also charged for attacking male hitchhikers and harvesting their semen for rituals. They were captured after they had been involved in a car accident. Thirty-one used condoms were also recovered in the boot of their car.

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Residents were promptly alerted by the police that victims of the freeway femme fatales were drugged or subdued at gun or knife-point. The male victims are then given a sexual stimulant and forced to have sex repeatedly before being dumped on the side of the road.