Spectranet Selfcare Guide and Customer Care Service Details

Spectranet is one of Nigeria’s most dependable 4G LTE broadband providers. They are well-known for providing high-quality internet at a low-cost data rate. They have considerable coverage in the country’s four biggest cities: Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, and Ibadan. Without sacrificing quality or customer pleasure, Spectranet launched its sophisticated self-care platform to assist its respected clientele in keeping track of their accounts and browsing habits.

The Spectranet platform allows customers to view how much data is left on their plan, regulate and customize data consumption, check the expiry date of their data plan, and renew it if it is exhausted or expires. As a result of this service, individuals, families, workplaces, and organizations now have the unique option to govern and regulate how they utilize their data.

Spectranet SelfCare Login

You may renew and adjust your data bundle, make payments directly to your user ID, and check your data balance from your Spectranet self-care dashboard. You can also view information related to your account profiles, such as your user id, account number, the last time you logged in to the self-care dashboard, and your next renewal dates.

How to access Spectranet self-care dashboard

To gain access to the spectranet self-care dashboard, follow the steps provided below:

  • Check the first message you received from Spectranet on the phone number associated with your account to get your Spectranet user ID and password
  • Then visit the spectranet self-care website or click here
  • Input your login username and password into the provided boxes
  • Then tap or click the sign-in button to log in to your Spectranet Selfcare dashboard.

How to Login to Spectanet Self Service When You Forgot Your Password

  • On the self-care log in page, click on the link for forgot password
  • Provide your username in the space given
  • Carefully input the provided characters on the screen
  • Click on Submit
  • An email containing a temporal password will be sent to your registered email address
  • Use the password to log in and change it after you log in

How to Renew Your Spectranet Data Plans Online

  • Login to your Spectranet self-care Dashboard
  • Select the renew plan from the list of services
  • Confirm that you wish to renew your current package
  • Choose your payment option; Quickteller is highly recommended
  • Enter your card information and confirm the renewal with your bank’s OTP
How to Check Spectranet’s Data Balance
  • Login to your Spectranet self-care Dashboard
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • The Data Bank is your main data balance. Free Data Bank shows the quantity of the double data remaining. Night Data Bank is usable between 1 am – 8 am for some plans, and 4 am – 8 am for others.
How to Change Your Spectranet Data Plan
  • Login to your Selfcare dashboard
  • Click on ‘change plan now’ to change your data plan or Click on ‘change plan after expiry’ to change it when your current plan expires
  • Choose the new plan to which you want to subscribe and click the confirm button
  • Choose your payment method and input your credit card information and OTP sent from your Bank.

How Effective is the Spectranet Customer Care Service?

The quality of any organization’s customer service has a lot to do with the system employed. Spectranet engaged a customer service procedure that delivers accurate and effective customer service. This is evident in the quick response experienced when using any of their platforms. Their platform possesses the following good qualities:

  • Quick response system
  • Clear communication strategy
  • Problem-solving mechanism
  • Userfriendly structure

Below are some of the ways one can contact the spectranet customer care department for inquiries or complaints:

  • Through the Spectranet self-care platform
  • Voice call
  • Via Email
  • Via Live Chat
  • Social media platforms

Spectranet Customer Care Service

When assistance is required, the Spectranet customer service team is always quick to respond. Customers can contact Spectranet customer service through a variety of means, including:

Spectranet Customer Care Number

Customers can readily obtain assistance from Spectranet customer service by dialing their service number on 08002345678 or 07002345678. The phone number is frequently accompanied by an automatic voice response system. And, like with phishing, the smishing message often requests your urgent attention.

Contacting Spectranet Customer Care via Email

Customer service at Spectranet can also be reached by email. The email service is a 24/7 response service. Customers can drop complaints or make inquiries through the use of email services. Below are the few required steps to contact spectranet through email:

  • Log in to your email app
  • Click on create a message.
  • Make a subject first on the email subject space of the complaint or the inquiry
  • Type in your information
  • On your recipient, input the Spectranet email address
  • Then click on send

Spectranet customer care unit is always on standby to respond and take the necessary actions.

Using Live Chat

Subscribers can also get help or assistance from Spectranet customer service via the live chat feature on their website. To access the spectranet live chat platform, follow the few steps provided below:

  • Log in to the spectranet website or click here
  • Scroll to the live chat icon and click on it
  • Input your complaints or inquiry
  • You will get an instant response

How to Contact Spectranet Customer Care Unit Through Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms are available for users to contact the Spectranet customer care unit. Through this platform, Spectranet gets access to information that helps them in effecting necessary upgrades. Subscribers/customers can also receive help or more updates and information from Spectranet’s different social media handles, which include;

Spectranet’s Facebook Page

Subscribers can keep up with Spectranet on Facebook and learn more about Spectranet data plans. This can be done using the Spectranet Facebook page.

Spectranet’s Twitter Handle

Click here to access the Twitter handle for Spectranet. Subscribers can also seek assistance or information by tweeting their usernames.

Spectranet’s Youtube Channel

Spectranet subscribers should subscribe to the spectranet YouTube channel. Subscribers can also watch some video presentations about Spectranet and its services on the Spectranet YouTube channel. The provided videos on the YouTube channel can help solve certain issues that may occur when using the Spectranet.

Spectranet’s Instagram Handle

Follow Spectranet on Instagram – @spectranetlimited.ng – for more updates and information about their services. One can also solve some issues by using some provided videos on Instagram. Also, you can express your opinions through the comment section.

When all the methods mentioned above provide an unsatisfying solution, you can visit any Spectranet office, where a customer care representative will profer solutions to any issues or complaints.


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