Most South-East Governors Lack Guts, Are Lily-Livered – Prestige Ossy


Hon. Prestige Ossy of Aba North/South Fed Constituency says most South-East Governors lack guts.

Honourable Prestige Ossy made the shocking assertion in a recent interview in Abuja.

He is the Chairman, House Committee on Nigeria – Mexico Relations as well as the Technical Committee on Customs and Excise.

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Hon. Ossy who stands on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) said South East governors are lily-livered.

Reacting to what he described as their poor response to reported herdsmen killings and attacks in the South-East.

He also believes that restructuring and focusing on agriculture can bring Nigeria out of the current economic recession.

South-East Governors Have No Guts

The house of representatives member stressed that it takes one with guts to be a leader.

According to him, there is nothing stopping a governor or House of rep member from saying something that will protect his people.

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Hon. Ossy said:

“If you cannot take the bull by the horn by enacting laws that will protect the citizens of your state, then I don’t know what else you are talking about.

“Most of them don’t have that confidence.

“If you have confidence in yourself, I don’t see any reason why you should not come up with such legislation because you are not doing it against anybody.

“Nobody will be happy to come to his farm the next morning to see that his farm is ravaged by herdsmen.

“It is never done but because of the fear of the unknown, ‘who knows if I say this now, what will happen?’ Some of them are even thinking of second tenure.

“‘If I say this now, these people might make it difficult for me to go for second tenure’. That is actually the problem.

Ho Prestige Ossy also opined that there is no reason why most governors in the South-East are keeping quiet.

He challenged them to speak up and act whenever these attacks happen.

South-East Governors Are Lily-Livered

According to him, if governors know they have the people’s mandate, let them speak for the people and do things right for them.

The reps member sees no reason why states cannot enact laws to protect their citizens.

He said:

“I don’t see the reason why they should shy away from the truth of the matter by enacting laws to protect our farmers and our citizens from the rampaging herdsmen.”

The federal lawmaker expressed sadness that most governors are not speaking up and doing nothing by way of legislation to curb the menace.