Controversial Pastor Heals Woman’s ‘Vaginal Pimples’ With His Shoe [WATCH]


South African prophet, Pastor November of Victorious Faith Ministries is buzzing the internet after a video of him claiming his shoes have healing powers appeared online.

The disturbing video uploaded to the pastor’s Facebook page on January 5, 2016, shows Pastor Zendile Andries November asking a visibly-shaken female congregant if she has vaginal “pimples”, the woman answers “Yes”. Another congregant is then instructed to remove November’s shoe and the woman is then seen placing the shoe between her legs.

After announcing to the crowd, “I have healed this woman’s vaginal warts”, she falls to the ground and congregants are heard cheering and clapping in approval.

Another female member is then shown saying that she went to the bathroom with the woman and that she is now healed and will finally be able to sleep with her husband. The woman is crying and there are cheers all round as the pastor tells her to rush home – meaning home to her husband as she is healed.

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Pastor November said the woman came to him about pimples on her vagina, which made it impossible for her to sleep with her husband. Because the problem was on her private parts, he decided to use the shoe rather because he believes in miracles and God uses anything to heal.

The pastor also goes on to claim that he can cure HIV/AIDS, demon possession, diseases and other spiritual problems, saying that after he prays for HIV-infected people they test negative.

The video has since received many comments‚ with some people saying they receive blessings through it, while some others condemned the act and the gullibility of Pastor November’s congregants.

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From snakes that taste like chocolate, engine cleaner sweet as honey, petrol transformed into ‘pineapple’ juice and ‘godly’ grass, the notorious ‘Prophet of Doom’ who sprayed churchgoers with insecticide in order to ‘heal’ them, to the Limpopo prophet who made his church members drink Dettol disinfectant, this is just one of the too many other controversies that have trailed some South African pastors recently.