End Time! See The Unbelievable Thing This So Called ‘Man Of God’ Was Caught Doing


Most ‘Men of God’ today are really taking the mercy of God for granted. They seem to forget that although He is a merciful God, He is equally a consuming fire! They also forget that there is nothing hidden under the sun. Stories about the atrocities committed by these shameless pastors who have chosen to bring shame to Christianity have surprisingly been on the increase and now the train has moved to South Africa where a supposed man of God identified as pastor Nkundlande was caught having sex with a cow in a bush in a village in Limpopo region.

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iMzansi reports that the sex-starved pastor was pleasuring the animal with his finger as it grazed in a thicket when he was stumbled upon by a resident only identified as Washington. The shocked Washington could not believe his eyes. After he raised alarm, locals, armed with crude weapons, arrived at the crime scene, baying for the offender’s blood. Speaking to iMzansi, Washington said:

Pastor Nkundlande

“Immediately he realised I had busted him, the pastor took off as I shouted at him to get the attention of locals. We pursued and caught up with him as he tried to cross a flooded river.

“Had it not been the timely intervention of the area assistant chief, the man of God would not have survived the wrath of furious villagers who were roughing and beating him up”.

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The Assistant chief of the area, Mulalo, confirmed the incident noting that pastor Nkundlande was a known clergyman and belonged to the popular ZCC church. However, leaders allied to the said church disowned him, asking the assistant chief not to associate them with him. “The man is a leader in a different church, not ours”, Moris Morime, a senior member of the church’s council, complained.

Echoing the sentiments was Mashudu Ngonzo, another leader at the church, saying: “Our church has invested heavily in teaching good morals and we cannot be associated with such a pervert”.

The two church leaders, however, later confessed that the pastor, who was unconscious, had worked at their church but was in the process of starting his own church. Pastor Nkundlande was taken to Limpopo police station in the  awaiting to be arraigned in court.