Something To Hide? Best Mobile Applications to Hide Your Private Files


These mobile applications would be your ally in helping you hide private documents in your gadgets, that you don’t want anyone to see. Most times we have files on our mobile phones that should be kept private, for our eyes only. This does not mean there is something bad or illegal in the phones, but there are some things that should be kept away from public eyes, like nude pictures, written ideas, porn videos, etc. Just in case you fall into the category of people who get embarrassed when someone browses through your file, relax, we have mobile applications that would put an end to your privacy invasion.

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Privacy is a fundamental human right, so it’s only natural to want your interests to be protected. Phones are for personal uses, but sometimes friends would want to go through your photo library, or video files whenever they are with your phone. These every cool apps would help lock selected files (picture, videos, words, etc) in your phone, as well as prevent your files from uploading automatically to online data platforms like iCloud, Google Plus, Dropbox, etc.

1. Secret Chamber – Mobile Applications

Mobile applications

Secret Chambers helps you hide private memories captured in photos or videos. With this application, only your iPhone has access to your secrets. Once installed, the app appears in the menu with a camouflaged icon. When accessing the app, the menu looks like any other shelf with photo albums, but when pinching anywhere on the screen the secret folders are unlocked. For double security you can set a passcode to protect each secret folder. Also, with a simple tap you can turn to secret any album from the public album. This app is available on AppStore and is suitable for iPhone users only.

2. SpyCalc

Mobile applications

SpyCalc is the Secret Agent app for your iPhone or iTouch. This amazing gadget lets you hide pictures on your iPhone behind an innocent-looking calculator. The app works exactly like a normal calculator, but doubles as a secret safe, where you can type in a number combination to hide/unhide photos. It can sync your photos and videos from your Computer through internet enabled browser. SpyCalc works with all iPhones and iPod Touches running version iOS 6.0 and above.


Mobile applications

“KYMS”, which stands for Keep Your Media Safe. It is also an app disguised as a calculator. KYMS is another fun app that lets you hide your private pictures on iPhone via a calculator gadget. The app hides both photos and videos, and has a solid password feature. All videos, whether FLV or AVI, can be played directly into the app, thanks to the integrated video support with the help of Airplay.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available with the paid version. KYMS also doubles as document protection software. You can import PDF and text files to your app and keep them hidden behind a calculator. Another good aspect is the password recovery feature that lets you recover forgotten passwords via a special PUK code.

4. Folder Locker

Mobile applications

Folder Locker is a simple password protected app that allows users hide music, memos, text messages, notes, contacts and more.

5. Keep Safe

Mobile applications

Keep Safe carries out its name on your files once the application is launched. It gives you the option to hide your pictures and videos in the default gallery in two ways. You can either select and add photos using the Keep Safe app by clicking on ‘Add Pictures’ button, or add pictures from your default photo gallery. Just open the picture and share it with ‘Keep Safe’ to lock it. The app comes with complete tutorial on how to use the app and there is also a Pin-reminder, that helps you retrieve your pin if you forget it.

6. Private Photo Vault

Mobile applications

Private Photo Vault stores photos and albums behind a pass code-protected lock. The app also features a “break-in report” feature that snaps a picture of the “intruder” and combines it with a GPS location. Private Photo Vault has a great deal of features that make it appealing. First and foremost, it is very easy to set up and navigate. Additionally, it is simple to organize your photos into albums from within the app. One thing that is interesting about Private Photo Vault is the in-app system for “buying” upgrades.

If you don’t want to pay cash to upgrade to the Pro version of the app, you can watch videos to earn coins, which unlock great features. Each video lets you get 10 coins (each upgrade is 100 coins). Coins can be used to upgrade to features like extra albums, break-in report, dot/pattern lock, and wireless photo transfer. Somewhat surprisingly, this app also allows you to edit your photos. Tools include stickers, cropping, orientation, and filter effects. Not only can you protect your photos, but you can make them more beautiful as well.

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