Soldiers Manhandles DPO, Police Officers For Molesting Army Captain


Soldiers manhandles DPO who molested a Captain of the Nigerian Army!! Seeing captions like this sometime makes me happy since it has become a common sight in Nigeria to see police officers molesting civilians unnecessarily, most times for frivolous reasons. But as the common saying goes, everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house.

In Umuahia, Abia State, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in charge of Railway Post, has presently landed himself in military trouble following his meeting with ‘the owner of the house’. The DPO was alleged to have molested a man who was later revealed to be an Army captain for packing his 18-seater Mitsubishi bus close to the fence of the Police station.

As eye witnesses reported, the DPO in-charge of the police post was driving into the police station when he noticed the bus that was parked and ordered the driver to repack the bus because it was blocking his way.

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The Army captain who was not wearing his uniform, came out, greeted the DPO and immediately wanted to re-park his bus. But the police officer ordered him to come closer and explain why he should block his way to the station in the first place.

The army officer was said to have begged the angry police officer promising to remove the vehicle but he bluntly refused to let him re-park the bus. Instead, the police man issued an order to his men for the bus driver to be arrested. At that time the driver revealed to them that he was a military officer, but his revelation was met with doubt as the police officer insisted that he must be arrested.

“He must obey my arrest order; you people should tell him to obey my arrest order. You must obey my arrest order, you said you are a captain, you must tell me how many wars you have fought.

“I have fought in three Boko Haram states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe before coming here” answered the Captain.

“You must show me your identity today; drag him into the cell now,” the DPO shouted amidst pleas from the crowd that had gathered by then asking the DPO to allow the military man go.

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Nevertheless, there was a twist in the story line as events turned against the ‘almighty’ DPO with the arrival of four soldiers at the scene who noticed that the person being manhandled by the police was actually a Captain of the Nigerian Army. The soldiers fumed with anger that a military officer was gentle enough to beg, yet he was receiving loads of disgrace from the police officer.

According to the source, “They called for reinforcements and within a twinkle of an eye, four Hilux vans loaded with soldiers arrived the police station.They later took away the DPO and another police officer with them to their base, after giving them the beating of their lives”.

The police have established control over all the parking lots around the area and have been harassing motorists, giving them an order not to park their cars around the area and always blocking the road that goes through the station.

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