Soldiers Kill Over 100 Boko Haram, Rescue 1,200 Captives In Borno


Nigerian soldiers have again added yet another star to their crown as they battled and killed 100 Boko Haram terrorists and rescued 1,200 people from the claws of their captivity. This took place on Monday, February 1st, 2016, after a bloody gun fight between the soldiers and the terrorists at a local market in Boboshe village where the Boko Haram insurgents, as reported by officials and witnesses, go to trade every Monday in Borno state border towns.

The soldiers received a confidential information from local security operatives that the insurgents who had kept more than 2,000 people from different villages in the border towns of Borno state in captivity for more than two years, had gathered in there usual meeting place where they come to trade.

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Acting on the tip-off, Nigerian soldiers marched to Boboshe village but surprisingly, the hoodlums who are always ready for violence and as such go to the market armed, opened fire on the soldiers.

Fortunately, as the soldiers exchanged fire with them, the insurgents were overpowered and at the end of the intense fight, more than 100 corpses of the terrorists were gathered.

The soldiers did not stop there but went over to Garindawaji and Mamawarhi communities where they released over 1,000 civilians who were held captive including many women within the age bracket of 18 and 30 years.

Among those rescued was Falmata Kalli, a young woman aged 30. According to her, she was taken away from Marte, her village, by the Boko Haram group nearly two years ago after killing her husband.

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Falmata got pregnant as a result of constant sexual abuse by the monsters and now has a one year old son who she is ignorant of who the father is.

She said, “I saw them kill my husband by shooting him,  After that, they dragged me away with them. My two children were left with my aged mother in-law, but I don’t know what becomes of them now. It has been two years now since they attacked our town, Marte.”

Tearfully, Kalli took a look at her one year old son and said: “I got him while being in the captivity of Boko Haram terrorists…I can’t say who his father is, honestly; but he comes out of me and he is my child. I must love and care for him even though I will never forgive those that did this to me.”

On Tuesday, Usman Mamman Durkwa, the Deputy Governor of Borno State, visited Dikwa border town to see the rescued villagers where the soldiers had camped them.

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The deputy governor who went to the border town with luxury buses was briefed by the soldiers in Dikwa on the condition of the villagers most of whom had been held captive for over two years. Afterwards, on the command of the deputy governor, the rescued persons were promptly transported to Maiduguri where they would be given accommodation in some of the Internally Displaced Persons’ Camps.

The Boko Haram sect seems to have taken a cue to begin fresh fiercer attacks from the declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari who recently said that the Nigerian Army in collaboration with the Joint Task Force, JTF, have driven the Boko Haram from Nigerian territory into“fall-back positions.”

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