Guess Who’s Daughter Stole Justin Bieber’s Heart


For some days now, there has been a little drama on the internet between Justin Bieber and his fans in connection with one Sofia Richie and his ex-girlfriend singer Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber, who has long moved on with his life after breaking up with the singer, posted photos of his new girlfriend on Instagram. Fans got talking and asking who the girl was and Justin threatened to go private if his fans won’t stop trolling his new girlfriend.

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Considering the fact that Selena is the most followed person on Instagram, most of her fans are also followers of Justin and were only trying to be loyal to their role model.

The new girlfriend has to be someone worth it for JB to consider abandoning 78 million followers, all in an attempt to protect her from angry fans. Well, she is someone reputable.

Sofia Richie is the last child of popular American singer, songwriter, and actor, Lionel Richie!  She will be 18-years in four days time, August 24th. She is a model, who was born into a celebrity family. Her elder sister, Nicole Richie is a TV personality while her elder brother, Brenda Harvey Richie is also a popular TV personality.

Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie started her modeling career in 2014 and has since appeared in a couple of fashion magazines. Now entangled with the ‘Baby oh Baby’ singer, Sofia and Justin share something in common though; the love for action sports.

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Despite the tongue lashings, the young lovers do look good together. They have been seen hanging out in several places, and even went on a fun trip to Japan earlier this month. Now that you know Justin’s new girlfriend,  do you think she is worth more to Bieber than his 78 million followers?