Iyanya Addresses Comparison With Tekno, Impact Of Social Media


Over the past 24-hours, the social media has been saturated with news about Iyanya’s surprise move to Mavin Records.

Some say it’s a good move for him, others say it’s an unwise decision of transcending from a boss to an employee, some others say his exit from Triple MG is connected to his label mate, Tekno.

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Iyanya himself says, it’s a good move to save his career. Just like every good thing has its disadvantage, social media has been misused severally by fans to torment people, especially celebrities.

Iyanya is no exception of social media  bullies and according to the singer, he has learnt his lessons from past experiences and now knows how best way to use the platform.

“Social media puts you under so much pressure, too much unnecessary pressure and I’ve learnt that we don’t have to put everything out there,” he explains to Thenet. “For social media, just show them what they need to see. I’ve learnt that social media is not a place you should depend on for strength. Your fans are there, they want music, give them music. They want videos, give them videos. They want to know how your last show went, show them,’ he said.

“Don’t go showing them your girlfriend or other personal stuff. When you have something that’s precious and priceless, you have to guard it, so if you have a girlfriend that you love, why are you putting her on social media? Keep it to yourself at least till you put a ring on her finger then you can now show her as your wife.”

The same social media users who praised Iyanya for taking a bold step to leave MMMG are the same people saying Tekno was too hot for him to handle, thus his reasons for leaving.

Iyanya reminds his fans that both artistes are unique in different ways and are on separate lanes.

“Anybody that compares me with Tekno doesn’t even know what he or she is doing. You can’t be comparing me with Tekno. He’s a blessed kid, he’s a blessed boy, that’s his grace. God is good to him, he’s doing well, he works hard.

“You know before he started making all these hits, he’s actually been quiet for a while but he’s been working, I call him the Golden Boy and I’m so proud of Tekno. So if you compare me with Tekno, you don’t even know what you are doing, you must be dumb, it doesn’t make any sense. He’s on his lane, I’m on my lane.”

The most important thing right now is that Iyanya has made the best decision he can for the good of his career and with the interest of his fans at heart.