SMARTPHONE-TEROSIS: 20 Signs That Show You Are Suffering From Smartphone Addiction


The worst disease sweeping the world these days is not HIV/AIDS or Ebola, but smartphone addiction. Smartphones have worked their way into our lives. The invention of smartphones has gone a long way to improving our life style and making things easier for us, but as convenient as they are to have, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. This is not different with smartphones either. There are a number of signs of addiction, such as using the smartphone last thing before bed and first thing when waking up. We are here to give you some funny but realistic signs that make you realize that you are a smartphone addict, or at least, becoming it.

1. You are very active on more than 3 social network platforms

We have over 50 social media platforms and they include the likes of Facebook. Twitter, LinkedIn, Badoo, Mzit, Whatsapp, 2go, Instagram, BBM, WeChat, Tagged, Meetup, Google+, they are so many. If you ever stay ‘very’ active on more than three of these platforms, then you’ve just been diagnosed of smartphone addiction. And again, it’s normal to install all kinds of apps on your phone out of sheer curiosity. You may either figure out it’s garbage and delete it, or leave it to stagnate. But if you still use all the apps on your smartphone, you’ve gone nuts.

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2. You always take selfies

There are unconfirmed reports that selfies are associated with insanity (note that I said it is unconfirmed) and I know ladies are guilty of this! You see them take these picture shots everywhere…on the street, in classroom, in the kitchen, in a restaurant, I mean, everywhere. If you are like that (guy or lady), then you are categorized among those addicted to their smartphones.

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3. You go through your phone immediately you wake from sleep

Do you wake up every morning and reach for your phone voluntarily or involuntarily? Is your phone, your first port of call in the morning, before you even pray? That is addiction. A smart solution may be to turn it off or at least turn off social media notifications and leave the phone on (if someone needs to reach you for emergencies) but keep it far from your reach. The farther you place your smartphone, the less you want to get out of bed and reach for it.

4. You read about your phone on your phone

Is this not very funny? For these ones, their phones are no longer a means to an end, but the end in itself. They always dream about the phone, fondle it in their pocket all day long, and relish every chance to use it.

5. You go to the toilet with you phone

The toilet is strictly made for privacy. It is the only place in you are allowed to be alone with your thoughts, that’s why there are locks on the doors so as to make one comfortable and have maximum privacy, disconnecting us from the outside world. Operating mobile phones in the toilet is bad habit and a sign of a smartphone addict.
If you have ever been pressed and ran to the toilet, only to rush out to get your phone as you remember you don’t have it, then consider yourself addicted to your smart phone.

6. You always consult Google as the final proof in every argument

Today, the availability of information is just like at the snap of the fingers and so there is rarely any topic of discourse you won’t find, using the google search engine. If you have an attitude of putting every question forward to Google, then it’s a sign that you’re addicted to smartphone.

7. You can’t resist “replying” a ping in church

This is an inappropriate behavior in church, but some people can’t help it. Most people can’t just resist the temptation of checking ‘what’s up’ on their smartphone once they see the notification lights come up and they would not care where there are. Be it in the lecture hall, board meeting or church, they just have to respond to this “urgent call of nature” – picking up the smartphone! Now, that’s an addiction.

8. You “just” check your phone when you hear a ringtone that is not yours

Smartphone addicts are ‘hypersensitive’ to ringtones. It does not have to be their own ringtone. They are extra sensitive to vibrations that you see them take out their phones to check if they have a call or ping, just because another persons phone rang. And even when the person whose phone rang has picked it up and it having their conversation,  smartphone addicts will still bring out their bring out their phones to check ‘just in case.’ If you are guilty of this, you need to see a doctor, fast!


9. Your fully charged battery barely lasts the day

If you carry your charger as you leave your house in the morning when you have a fully charged phone, then there is a problem. Because except the battery of your phone is bad, a fully charged phone should serve you till you are back home. But if you have contacted the addiction – “smartphoneterosis” (emphasis mine), then I’m not talking to you because carrying your charger about is actually your calling.

10. Your “bedtime” is hours away from your “sleeptime”


There are several studies which show how using smartphones before sleeping greatly affects our sleep which affects our general well-being. In Norway, a recent study shows that using your smartphone an hour before sleep doubles the risk of getting poor sleep, but many can’t help it. They climb the bed, an indication that they have retired for the night but they spend “hours” on the phone before they eventually fall asleep. If you are guilty as stated, then it’s a sign that you are a smart phone addict.