Artiste Reveals He Once Stole, Was Caught and Beaten


Nigeria singer, Small Doctor speaks about his past in celebration of his son’s birthday, Abdul-Sodeeq Temitopeoluwa Alao.

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On Tuesday 27th, Small Doctor, in an open letter to his son, recalled his struggles as a single parent before he hit fame. He recounted how he once slept in buses, how his then-seven-year-old son starved and was out of school for a while.

“Hapi Birthday Abdul-Sodeeq TemitopeOluwa Alao. Little Can The WORLD Know About You. Thank You For Making Me Strive More. GOD Bless You For Making Me Find Myself. This Boaci At The Age Of Seven (7) Do Sleep Home Alone Back Then While I Engaged In A Whole Night Job For Close To Eleven (11) Months. Myself, Dis Boi And My Pet Slept In Buses Around Agege For A Very Long Period, We Kept Our Cloths In Condemned Fridges.

“I Remember When They Stole My Bikes In The Studio, Which Was Our Only Source Of Income, It Got To An Extent I Couldn’t Afford Your Feeding Talkless Of Paying Your School Fees, During Those Times You Stay Indoor During School Hours For People Not To Keep Asking Why You Are Not In School, You Also Pretend You Have Eaten All The Food Meant For The World Whereas You Have Not Tasted Anything, Just Because You Won’t Want Anybody Notice There Was Something Wrong. Thank GOD For That One Word You Said To Me The Day You Woke Up At Midnight Just To See Me Crying (i will neva forget).”

The ‘Mosquito Killer’ singer also confessed that during his hard times, he went stealing on one occasion; was caught and physically reprimanded.

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“Star Boi I Wanna Confess Today Your Birthday And I Also Plead For Forgiveness For One Day I Lied To You. It Was The Day I Came Home At Night With Bruises And Wounds With My Clothes Torn, You Asked Me What Happened But I Lied To You That I Fell From Bike. Son It Wasn’t True. The Fact Is I Went Stealing And I Got Caught. I’m Sorry Boi. Once Again I Say Happy Birthday Son. I’m Sorry Star Boi…. PLEASE MAKE ME PROUD SON.. Go Into The WORLD And PROSPER… GOD BLESS YOU.”

Old things have passed away, and life has smiled on the Small Doctor. Join him wish his son a happy new age.