Small Doctor Biography – His Life Story and the Songs He Is Well Known For

Small Doctor (Real Name: Adekunle Temitope, born 27 May 1980) is an award-winning Nigerian Fuji, afro-pop recording artist and performer known for several of his songs such as ‘Mosquito Killer,’ ‘Penalty,’ and ‘Anobi.’

Small Doctor has walked through different aisles in his life. But it has been through his unique voice, the rhythm of fuji and afro-pop, and lyrics in Yoruba and English languages that he became a highly sought-after Nigerian musician. His talent has equally earned him several awards, including The Headies.

He has further collaborated with other big Nigerian musicians such as Davido, Olamide, Pasuma, and DJ Lambo, among others. While this may seem interesting enough, there are many tales to be told about Small Doctor, his growing up, life before fame, his family, controversies, wealth, and many other details. Hence, we intend to explore every detail here.

Biography and Brief Profile of Small Doctor

  • Full Name: Adekunle Temitope
  • Date of Birth: 27 May 1996
  • Age: 28 Years Old
  • Occupation: Musician
  • Notable Songs: Penalty, Anobi, Mademan (ft. Davido), Yand ou Know? (ft. Olamide)
  • Record Label: OIT Dynasty Records
  • Net Worth: $200,000 – $2 million

Small Doctor was Born in Kaduna But Grew Up in Dopemu, Lagos State

Small Doctor

Small Doctor’s real name is Adekunle Temitope, and he was born on May 27, 1996. His place of birth has been a thing of debate as many sources claim he was born in different places, including Lagos, Ondo, and Kaduna. However, Small Doctor reported that he was born in Kaduna but grew up in Dopemu, Lagos State.

His family relocated from the North due to the traumatic experience they had because of a crisis. He has his origin in Ondo State of South-Western Nigeria. His mother is a teacher who owns a school, while there aren’t many details about his father. However, he lived many years of his teenage life on the streets of Lagos, which will later help shape his career.

As regards his education, Small Doctor attended Aina Orosan Nursery and Primary School, Dopemu, where he obtained his first living certificate. Upon completing his secondary education, he gained admission at the University of Lagos but could not complete it.

His Mother Is A Major Influence In His Career

As stated earlier, there is less to no detail available about his father. However, he hails from an average family. His mother also has the singing ability and was involved in the church choir. She owns a school, so the singer refers to himself as Omo Iya Teacher (son of a teacher) in his music and many other events. Also, he has a sister who he sees as a highly learned person and an older brother who started calling him Doctor Small, a name he would later change to Small Doctor and adopted as his stage name.

The singer has often talked about his mother and how she has influenced him right from a young age while finding his footing in life and the music industry. Apart from her encouraging him to make music, she inspired his popular song ‘penalty.’ He got the inspiration for the song after losing the Headies Awards to Olamide in 2016. His mother, on the other hand, didn’t see him as a loser, so she called to encourage him to work harder so he doesn’t play “a penalty in throw in.” The words did not only sank into his head, but he also used the same lines as the song’s intro.

The singer has also appreciated his mother on several occasions, and with his success in his music career, he makes sure his mother and family doesn’t lack any good thing in life. Interestingly, in 2017, the young music star bought a new Toyota Corrolla for his mum, with a customized plate number that reads “MUMMY MI.”

He Allegedly Has Wife And Kids Residing in Canada

Small Doctor leaves most details about his private life at the far ends of the public. However, towards the fall of March 2021, he made it known in The Nancy Isime Show that he has a wife and kids who reside in Canada. Before then, in September 2016, Small Doctor took the world by surprise when he went to his Instagram page to celebrate his son’s birthday.

His son is named Abdul-Sodeeq TemitopeOluwa Alao. Although not many details have been revealed about Abdul, he may be a teenager. Small Doctor recounted through a now-deleted Instagram post how both he and Abdul-Sodeeq would go hungry, sleep in buses, and store their clothes in condemned fridges.

Amidst all, he sometimes couldn’t afford to send the boy to school and, at a point, had to go out to steal so he could afford some things for them. What is not known at present is whether Abdul-Sodeeq is his biological son or who his mother is.

Before Fame, Small Doctor Worked As A Bus Conductor And A Motorcycle Rider

Although currently popular and taking great attention from music lovers, Small Doctor was once an ordinary boy chasing dreams. He loved music right from the start, but he had to make ends meet by doing menial jobs.

At a point in Small Doctor’s life, long before he became a big artist and make hit songs, he spent years of his life on the streets of Lagos, sleeping in Oshodi, Mushin, and Lagos Island bus parks. In addition, he sold sachet water, was a bus conductor, was a motorcycle rider, and worked with a factory that produces polythene, to mention a few, to make ends meet.

He Had Dreams Of Becoming An Aeronautic Engineer But Later Switched to Music

Small Doctor had already discovered his talent in music at a young age. Although he initially wanted to choose a career in aeronautic engineering as a kid, he switched to music and was supported by his family.

It was when he was in secondary school that he started singing. By the time he was ready to record his first song, Pennywise had recorded it for almost free. Likewise, he had to do other menial jobs to see that he recorded other songs.

Although He Earned His Breakthrough in 2015, His Music Career Began in 2012

2012 marked the beginning of his professional career, which would see his releasing songs like Gbagaun, Anobi, Penalty, and Mosquito Killer. Also, along the line, he met Pasuma, who helped nurture his career and gave him the nickname Akeweje Oganla (someone who brings kids together).

2015 also became one of his major years in the music industry. The year marked the release of his debut album, ‘Street Ambassador.’ In the same year, he released singles like  ‘Anobi,’ ‘Skit,’ ‘E No Sab’i, and ‘Iya Teacher,’ among many others.

Throughout his music career, Small Doctor has worked alongside many other big names in the industry. Some of them include Don Jazzy, Pasuma, whom he sees as a father and brother, Olamide, DJ Lambo, Da Emperor, and ELDee.

Even though he passes different messages through his music, Small Doctor’s talent in compiling his lyrics is not so common as he doesn’t write music but flow with the lines that come to him during his studio sessions. His style of music is fuji, afro-pop, and afro-beats. However, the uniqueness of his style of music makes him call it Akweje-pop.

His ‘Omo Better Concert’ Was One Of The Major Concerts Of 2018

As a musician, Small Doctor in 2018 took a turn in his career as he started his first major tour in Nigeria called the ‘Omo Better Concert.’ The concert was graced in Agege Stadium in Lagos. Performers at the concert include Kenny Blaq, Mayorkun, Idowest, Vector, Mr. Real, Terry Apala, and Destiny Boy.

In 2019, the concert saw its second edition and was even bigger. Stars such as Lyta, Mzkiss, Pasuma, and Seriki, to mention a few, were made their performances. The concert became a huge success as tickets were totally sold out, which led to Small Doctor shedding tears on stage. In addition to his 2018 and 2019 concerts, he performed at a concert held at 02 Academy Islington, London, in 2018.

His Style Of Music Has Earned Him The Title Of A Street King

There are many titles Small Doctor has been called since the inception of his career. However, he is popular as the Street King or King of the Street because of his music style and his association with the street people. However, he thinks he is not a king in the street but in his room.

Top Songs Of Small Doctor

  • Mandeman Rmx ft. Davido, (2021)
  • Account Balance (2020)
  • Soro Soke (2020)
  • Twin Broda, featured by Sound Sultan (2020)
  • Believe (2019)
  • Slay Mama (2018)
  • My People (2018)
  • This Year (2017)
  • Penalty (2016)
  • Anobi (2015)
  • Story (2015)
  • Gbera (2015)
  • Mosquito Killer (2015)
  • Street Bus Stop (2015)
  • Skit (2015)
  • Oh My God (2015)
  • E No Sabi (2015)
  • Gyration (2015)
  • Magician (2015)
  • Amuludun (2015)
  • Say Baba (2015)
  • Oyinbo (2015)
  • Eleda Mi (2015)
  • Ile Ijo (2015)
  • Gbagaun (2015)

His Studio Albums

  • Street Ambassador (2015)
  • Omo Iya Teacher (2015)
  • Street King (2016)

Penalty Is His Most Acclaimed Song

Among the many songs Small Doctor has released, Penalty remains one of his greatest hits ever and one of the most popular songs in Nigeria. The song, which was released in 2016, has garnered fame across many shores and has gone ahead to earn him more than 3 million views on YouTube – one of his most-watched songs on the channel. More to this, Penalty has won him his first and only Award in The Headies. He won the Best Street-Hop artiste Award after being nominated alongside Olamide, CDQ, Idowest, Skuki, and Mr. Reel. Also, majorly due to the song’s success, he has performed in more than 15 countries.

Small Doctor Awards

  • The Headies (Best Street Hop Artiste, 2018).
  • Nigerian Entertainment Awards (Best New Act, 2018).
  • City People  Entertainment Awards (Sreet Music of the Year, 2017).
  • Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA) (Best Video by a New Artist, 2016).
  • City People Entertainment Awards (Indigenous Artist of the Year, 2015).

How Much Wealth Has He Made Through His Career?

The major source of income for Small Doctor is music. Throughout his career, he has made huge wealth, which has contributed to his huge net worth. His net worth has been reported differently by sources, ranging from $200 thousand to $2 million. Besides his music career, Small Doctor also makes his wealth from many endorsements, including Globacom, Winners Golden Bet, and Western Lotto.

He has signed lucrative endorsement deals with the following brands:

  • Globacom,
  • Winners Golden Bet, and
  • Western Lotto.

In addition, his YouTube Channel has more than 5 million views which also contributes to his fortune. He has also featured in Nollywood, with his first featuring in a film with Toyin Abraham, where he acted as a musician.

Regarding his lifestyle, Small Doctor does not show a lot of it on social media. Still, it has been gathered that among his properties include a 2017 Range Rover, ranging from $81,200 to $144,000, which is equivalent to 33.4 million to 59.4 million Naira.

Small Doctor’s Major Sources of Wealth

  • Music
  • Endorsements
  • YouTube

Controversies Surrounding His Life And Career

He Has Been Accused Of Age Reduction

Small Doctor’s age is currently 28 years old. However, several users on social media have claimed the age might probably have been tampered with. Another user, in trying to prove the claim, said the singer has a son who is a teenager.

In the same vein, an online interview with the singer dated 2001 was the year he started his career in secondary school. However, it has not been proven if the date was an error either from the source or from the singer. As of this writing, there is no certainty that the singer has given a particular year as his birth year except for many sources who have reported the date of birth to be 1996.

He Was Arrested For Alleged Illegal Possessions Of Arms

In December 2018, Small Doctor, alongside three others, was arrested in Lagos for the illegal possession of arms and threatening to shoot an officer on traffic duty. Later on, the artist was charged to court but was cleared and released. Before the arrest, however, he was appointed as one of the celebrity ambassadors to the Nigerian Police Force.

Small Doctor Was Reputedly Arrested For Attempting To Smuggle Drugs

When returning to Nigeria from South Africa, an immigration officer stopped and confronted Small Doctor about his numerous travels. Although there were interrogations and several petitions written against the singer, the officer didn’t find him guilty, and he was allowed to walk a free man.


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