It’s Really Funny But it’s Equally True!

The purpose of a slap is often to humiliate, more than injure. A “slap in the face” is a common idiom, dating back to the late 1800’s, that means to rebuke, rebuff or insult. But no matter what the purpose is, there are different types of slaps that have been established with divergent meanings. As you read, watch out for the types you may have already given out or as well received.

Types of Slap and What they Mean

1. RESOUNDING SLAP: This is after you are hit, you still hear some funny sounds in your brain like”wiiiiiiiiiii”! And voices in your head will start singing Christmas Carol.


2. COLOUR RIOT AND BIRDING SLAP: You will start seeing different colours and your head will turn to a nest whilst the birds will be flying all around you.


3. TAKE AWAY SLAP: When someone gives you a dirty slap and all you can do is hold your face and walk away.

4. RHETORICAL SLAP: The moment you download this slap, you start asking questions that don’t need reply. Like, “John, YOU SLAPPED ME?!”

5. FIXED DEPOSIT SLAP: When you receive this kind of slap, all you will do is just stand right
where you are and watch the person walk away with your mouth wide open.


6. FORMATTING SLAP: This is the slap that makes someone forget instantly what he or she was doing. You find yourself asking questions like,”What did I do?”