Guinean Model Sira Kante Declares Undying Love For Davido


Following the break up of Nigerian pop star, Davido, his ex-girlfriend, Sira Kante, the Guinean model has publicly declared her undying love for the Gobe crooner.

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Sira, who is based in the United States of America and who started Davido in late 2014, said that she would always be in love with him even though they are no longer together.

Sira Kante and Davido

Sira Kante

She took to her Instagram page on July, 23, 2016, and posted a video of herself at a music Fest in New York, singing along to Davido’s ‘Aye‘ while he was performing the song.

She captioned the video “We may not be together but I’ll always have love and support for Davido no matter what. There’s no need to lie or hide anything, he has an amazing heart and was my friend before anything and we’ll remain that way.”

Sira Kante expressing her undying love for Davido

Davido and Sira Kante ended their relationship in 2015, around the same time when his daughter, Imade Adeleke was born. However, the two young celebs were both spotted in Lagos Lounge, Brooklyn, in what seemed like a reunion in Davido’s exclusive party in honor of the singer’s deal with Sony Music in January 2016.

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Sira Kante’s post has just confirmed for the umpteenth time, that true love never dies. The 20-year old model has continued to show her loyalty to her ex, as she even posted a picture of herself wearing Davido’s customized HKN chain.

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Unlike most lovers, who create enmity between their exes, and flaunt the ‘we are no more friends’ attitude, Sira lives her life with an open mind, knowing that she has a bright and promising future ahead with or without Davido in her life.

Sira Kante

Sira Kante