Simple Tips On How To Stop Snoring

It can get really annoying when you are trying to sleep and someone’s respiratory structures are vibrating in your ears. No matter how subtle the person’s snore is, it can still be irritating and can keep you awake all night. Snoring occurs when the movement of air is obstructed while sleeping. Breathing becomes difficult and so the victim employs another way to breathe – through the mouth. This condition is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), although researchers say snoring is also a factor of sleep deprivation

The interaction of body parts that creates snoring is a disaster and not everyone that snores is aware that it affects the quality of their sleep. The condition also worsens with age, meaning someone who does not snore today might start snoring in years to come, while an existing snorer if not checked might get worse with time. The air blockage caused by snoring also keeps air out of the lungs and can cause suffocation.

Aside from being annoying, snoring is a serious health condition and affects not just the victim but people around, spouses especially. Complications from snoring include chronic fatigue, gaining weight, high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke. It can also cause anxiety and depression and lead to poor performance at work. Knowing all these facts, it is best that you gather every information there is to stop this sleep destroyer.

There are several natural ways to curb the rate at which you snore. They are as follows:


1. Maintain A Healthy Weight

Snoring is common with fat and huge people and if they lose weight, their snoring condition can be minimized. Excess fat in the body, especially around the neck, can put undue pressure on the airways and even cause them to partially collapse. This partial airway restriction results in snoring. Losing weight is not a guarantee though as some slim people still snore, but it can go a long way to manage the snoring.

2. Sleep On Your Side Rather Than On Your back


When you sleep on your side, you prevent the tongue from relaxing onto the back wall of the throat which is a snore starter. Be careful with other sleeping positions such as sleeping on your stomach or putting a strain on your head. When your neck and head are tensed up, it can result in snoring.

3. Keep Your Airways Free

People tend to breathe through their mouths (snore) when they can’t breathe through their nose because the airways are closed. Lying down can create a vacuum in your throat, which in turn leads to snoring. You can clear nasal passages by using a Neti pot, a saline spray or a humidifier. A free nose improves breathing even when sleeping.

4. Quit Smoking


Research has proven that smoking is a major contributor to snoring. It is believed that snoring as a result of smoking is caused by upper airway irritation and inflammation. Even more concerning, prolonged smoking can lead to permanent damage to the respiratory system. Be wise, help your self by quitting smoke ASAP.

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5. Exercise

Exercise is to help you burn off any fat that could block your airways. Moderate exercise a few times a week would encourage the end of snoring in your life. Also, exercise can be helpful in maintaining a consistent sleep schedule and assist with weight loss. Both (consistent sleep schedule and weight loss) are natural ways to stop snoring.

6. Avoid Alcohol Before Going To Bed


Alcohol, tranquillizers or sleeping pills can lead to the depression of your central nervous system, which relaxes the muscles of your throat and jaw. Relaxed muscles in this area can cause the tongue to relax as well and block the airway. If you consume these substances frequently, and at night, your snoring habit would only increase rather than decrease or stabilize.

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7. Sleep At A Scheduled Time

Going to bed and getting up at the same time each day creates a consistent circadian rhythm or biological sleep-wake cycle. This helps ensure your body is getting plenty of rest. When we become overtired we experience a deeper sleep that can affect our throats and airway in ways similar to drinking alcohol or taking a sedative.

8. Use a Jaw Supporter

snori_The most helpful preventive method to stop snoring and curtail its complications is the use of a jaw supporter. A Japanese study by the Kochi medical centre recently found that the use of a jaw supporter had a marked improvement in rest rates for patients with obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. The use of a jaw supporter to firmly hold the lower jaw in place can retrain the oral tissues to stay put. It may take some time, but snoring will stop and with it, you gain the added health benefits of a proper rest.


The jaw opens during sleep, which makes the tongue move towards the back of the throat. This obstructs the airway and limits the space air can flow through. The air that does make it through the partially blocked airway makes the noisy vibration we all know as snoring. While wearing a jaw supporter, the muscles and tissues of the tongue, inner mouth and throat are all kept in place, making sure that the airway is open at all times during sleep and thereby preventing snoring.

With a reduced snoring habit you would get the following benefits: Increased oxygen levels, improved Rem levels, diminished daytime fatigue and lower blood pressure. So what are you waiting for? Its time to kick that annoying lion’s roar you hear every night out of your house. Stop Snoring Today!

Ajumoke Nwaeze
Ajumoke Nwaeze is a Creative Writer and Sensational singer, whose essence is to live, love and impact.


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