20 Harmless Things Guys Do That Turn Their Girlfriends Off


Nigerian boyfriends can be as annoying as they can be sweet. However, some are just too insensitive to women and how they operate, reason and communicate. Normally, when a girl says no, she means “I’m not that cheap, try harder and I will say yes.”

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Sometimes ladies, especially the under 25, just want their boyfriends to show them that they care beyond words. When a boyfriend exhibits any of the signs below, they get turned off “that one is not a serious somebody,” they will say. Below are things that boyfriends do that girlfriends detest.

1. When you tell him to stop calling you because you are angry and he stays mute for weeks.

2. When you try to eat from his plates and he starts acting drama.

3. When you tell him you’re broke and instead of him to do ‘transfer’ he says “me too.”

4. When you’re having an argument and instead of letting you win, he starts throwing facts and logic your way.

5. When you tell him you like his watch and he doesn’t immediately give it to you.

6. When he ‘cums’ before you and then sleeps off leaving you hanging.

7. When he tells you your best friend has a bigger backside than you. Really?

8. When he won’t tell you his ATM pin.

9. When you tell him that you don’t want anything for Valentine’s day and he actually doesn’t buy you anything.

10. When something is bothering you and he can’t read your mind to know what’s wrong.

11. When you tell him “I’m fine” and he actually stops asking what’s wrong.

12. When you start forming vex and start leaving and he really allows you leave.

13. When he does not tell you ‘I love you’ every day.

14. When he says his mother’s jelloff rice is sweeter than your own.

15. When you send him a message and hours later he has still not replied. He better be dead.

16. When he doesn’t get you a gift for Independence day, Easter, Sallah, Children’s day, and his own birthday. What is now his use?

17. When it’s been one hour and he hasn’t checked up on you. What is his excuse?

18. When you’re meant to be the only woman in his life but he is still in contact with his mother and sisters.

19. When you want to make your hair and he wants to pay his school fees instead. Is that how to love?

20. When you’re ready for marriage and he is complaining that it’s just been six months. Adam married Eve the same day he met her!