7 Signs That You Need to Get a New Phone


The average life span of a cell phone is 18 months. However, some people, due to lack of funds or maybe nonchalance, tend to use it forever. Old models of phones like Thuraya, Motorola and Nokia, especially the 3310, were very strong phones and could last for more than four years. But the new generation phones that come with soft touch screens and two sims, coupled with its multi-functions do not have long user-life.

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Although the lifespan of these devices varies, it is not really the number of years you use it that matters, but how well you use it. Some users are very careful, protecting their phones with pouch and covers, while some others carelessly drop it so many times in its lifetime. However, if your phone exhibits the characteristics listed below, just know that it is time to get a new one.

1. You Say Hello Several Times


When you either can’t hear your callers or they can’t hear you, there is a problem. Most times, you have to shout at the top of your voice for them to hear you or you say hello several times, it means your phone’s speaker or earpiece is faulty. Repairing that malfunction might allow you use the phone for some more time, but after a while the problem will come back, so its better to start saving up for a new phone.

2. It Suddenly Shuts Down

If your phone frequently shuts down while you are on a call, chatting or playing a game, then you need to ditch that phone for a new one. You can adjust the batteries but if it still shuts down on it’s own for no obvious reason. The phone is tired of living and needs to go to the land of the dead where it can sleep forever.

3. Short Battery Life


When the battery of a phone gets weak, it requires constant charging and this might be really frustrating, considering the level of power supply in Nigeria. It is usually not easy to get an original replacement battery, so any substandard  battery you buy by the road side might just end up getting weak after a few months.

Having a bad battery is stressful –  you realize after charging the gadget for one hour, the battery level is still at 10 percent. Sometimes, you plug a dead phone and in 5 mins it tells you “battery full,” and later runs out as fast as it got charged. Life is already too complicated to have a phone with such complication.

4. The Touch Screen Takes Forever to Respond

Your touch screen is meant to respond immediately you swipe your fingers. This is why it is called a touch screen. However, if the touch screen is very slow in responding, it may be time to either change the touch screen or purchase a new phone. If you have some money, sell off the bad phone, add up and buy a new one.

5. Cracked Touch Screen


The screen is the beauty of a phone. It’s annoying to have a broken screen as it doesn’t tell well of the user. That is why using phone protections like screen guards, phone cover and pouch, are advised. These measures will reduce the risk of you acquiring a broken screen.

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The more an unprotected phone falls on the ground, the higher the chances of it developing fault in the nearest future. The crack may not affect the inner screen but it makes it look ugly. You can only manage it for some time. But someday, the crack will spread and render your mobile device “hard to use”.

6. Constant Network Problem


If every other person using the same network with you has full bars and you don’t, check your phone again. At very bad instances a mobile gadget that is craving for replacement will only receive network when the user is elevated high above the ground – like on storey-buildings, on a tree, mountain, etc. A mobile device without network is like a train without an engine, get rid of it and get something functional.

7. Phone Over-heats and Hangs

When an electronic device starts running temperature unnecessarily, it means it is sick. If you realize your phone is heating up, the tendencies that it will start jamming up soon is very high. Temporarily, you can take off the battery and allow it cool off before re-continuing usage. But once you are tired of that boring routine, please get a new gadget and save yourself the stress of having a bad and malfunctioning one.