Short HairCut Styles For Black Women – Trending Now


Short haircut styles in vogue recently include: Fade haircut with volume; Pixie style; Crop style etc. Looking at the some of the hair styles of black women becomes a fascination because it is fashion at the extreme. It takes a lot of guts and swag to pull it off so well.

All-Natural Haircut Style

natural haircut

You can absolutely go all the way for the natural type to give you a reflection of just the way you are and look. There’s usually no regrets on this because it’s easy to manage.

Short Spiky Haircut StyleSpiky haircut

 The spiky style gives you that funky fun look and at the same time accentuating your chiseled profile.

Pixie Haircut Style

pixie hair

Not every woman can pull off this kind of haircut. But with a nice head shape plus a little bit of swag, then you’re the perfect candidate. It saves you a lot of time in the morning when you’re getting ready for work?!

 Punk Haircut Styles A.K.A Mohawk 

punk haircut

Speaking of “Who’s That Girl” you can take your fashion sense to the extreme with this haircut style, especially if you’re the hipster girl type. But the question remains, “can you pull it off?”

Bob Haircut Style

joined bob

In case you haven’t notice the women that wear this kind of haircut style, well, you might want to take a closer look. This haircut style gives you a defined erotic look and it is pretty much suitable for all face shape. Hmmm!

Curly Haircut Style

joined curly

This type is most suitable if you’re a black woman with a naturally wavy texture or you have tighter coils but you’ve recently added a texturizer, you’re going to be unstoppable with a cut like this one. So long you  add a bit of hair product for some added definition

Finger Waves Haircut Style

toni braxton

You either go Toni Braxton or Harry Berry with the finger wave haircut style

Bald Haircut Style

joined bald

Talking about the song “I Am Not My Hair” If you are one of the women who are absolutely bold about going bald, then you’re right on point!

Short Afro Haircut Style

Afro curls

Doesn’t the Afro style remind you of the good old days when the world was still fresh from the dew? Well in case you didn’t know, Afro is back – but this time – in curls!