Shiites Group Pose A Threat to Nigeria’s Sovereignty – El-Rufai Cries Out


Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, has expressed concern over the activities of  the Islamic Movement in Nigeria known as the Shiites Islamic sect, in North-Eastern part of the country, noting that if allowed to exist, the group is capable of threatening the corporate existence of the country.

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He said that the group has an agenda to cause a religious conflict in Nigeria for political relevance contrary to the tenets and teachings of Islam.

Speaking with journalists on Sunday, the Governor explained that the group was outlawed by the state government because its leader Sheihk Ibrahim El Zakzaky and members have refused to respect constituted authorities and their activities amount to running a parallel government against the state.

He says the IMN apart from being an illegal religious organisation, was in the habit of harrassing and intimidating members of the public with impunity for several years.

El-Rufai, also cleared the air over the perception of the state government’s action to outlaw the IMN, stating that as a government, they cannot ban any religious group that operates within the confines of the law, but can also declare any organisation as unlawful if it poses a threat to the peace and security of the state.

Shiite protesters

Following a recent violent clash between the Shiites and federal offcials, security forces, Governor Nasir El-Rufai, banned the group’s activities with total support and excitement of many residents of the neighborhood.

The government in an attempt to  end the Shiite Islamic Movement activities  in the area demolished a school owned by the group in Zaria.

The locals who expressed happiness as the primary and secondary school called Fudiyya Centre, located at Babban-Dodo, Gangaren-Fadama, in Zaria, was demolished under the supervision of armed security personnel, said the demolition was a welcomed move and a good step in the right direction.

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According to them, the IMN has been a threat to them, especially when the group conducts their religious functions.