Even Sex Workers Are Affected By Economic Recession…See New Rates


Sex workers in the popular sex market in Calabar, capital of Cross River State, known as Paradise City have also been hit by the current economic recession facing the nation.

This has compelled working girls to slash their charges to an all-time low of N400 per insertion and N1, 500 – N2, 000 per night for home service due to diminishing patronage.

Speaking with Niger Delta Voice, an operator of one of the hot red light zones in the city says the girls have been complaining of “bad market” since February.

The brothel operator lamented that this government has not been favorable to the business at all as business has been on a downturn since February.

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One of the sex workers also lamenting says she came to Calabar last year, because she heard that there is usually a boom during the Calabar Carnival and was a witness to it, but things started changing around February.

Their minimum wage, according to her which used to be N500 naira for a round of sex, started going down after the Valentine celebration. Her customer range in a day which used to be between 20 –35 when business was good, now dangles less than 18 or 20 in a day.

Speaking in pidgin English,  she said; “Upon say I be slim-fit, the only time we have business now na when they pay salaries, during festivities and public holidays.”

Another commercial sex worker at a spot on Lugard Street humorously said in pidgin too; “No be N500 again oo, Buhari don make us bring down the price, port one and get one free,” she said sarcastically.

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The street walkers lamented that they had no choice than to reduce their charges as they were just managing to survive because people no longer patronize them like before anymore and the only hope they sometimes cling on are their regular customers and during some weekends and holidays.