Sex Trafficker To Pay Victims £20,000 For Making Them Eat Snake


A 26-year old brothel madam, Lizzy Idahosa who allegedly uses voodoo curses to force young girls to become sex slaves and make them eat live snakes has been ordered to pay the victims the sum of £20,000 from her profits.

Lizzy had been arrested along side her husband, Jackson Omoruyi, 49, at their home in London and while they denied the charges, police investigation into their bank accounts justified the arrest as it revealed series of transfers that had been made with Omoruyi acting as a “financial middle man.”

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Two of her victims, aged 23 and 29, had their pubic hair shaved and forced to eat live snakes and snails as part of the ritual before being flown to Britain where they slept with men across the country. They were told they had to give all the money they earned to Idahosa, or the black magic curses would make them go insane or die if they refused.

Speaking about her horrific ordeal, one 29-year-old victim said:

It was not a big snake, but it was alive. I just closed my eyes and put it in my mouth.They told me if I messed up, I would get sent back to Nigeria and Lizzy would kill me. I wanted to stop. I was ashamed of myself and I had no life.

Idahosa had denied forcing the women to take part in a black magic ceremony, but claimed that she herself had been trafficked into the UK and forced to work as a prostitute. She told the jury she did not know the two women had been trafficked. Idahosa, who is heavily pregnant, said she made an oath with her trafficker before leaving Nigeria and was forced to eat the roasted heart of a cockerel.

After found guilty of trafficking the women, Idahosa was jailed for eight years at Cardiff Crown Court while her husband, Jackson Omoruyi, 41, was sentenced to two years.

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