A Team of 58 Doctors Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins In Kenya


A team of 58 medical professionals successfully separated a set of conjoined Twins in Kenya in a 23-hour long Surgery.

ccording to reports, surgeons at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) carried out the surgery on the conjoined twins. The twin girls were born in September 2014 and are Blessing and Favour by name.

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Standard Media reports that the surgery, which ended in the wee hours of Wednesday 2nd October, took two years of meticulous planning due to the complex nature of the areas shared by the twins.

Doctors save Conjoined Twins

The girls were joined at the lower back, therefore the complicated procedure needed a team of 58 professionals to carry out.

Doctors save Conjoined Twins
Conjoined Twins in 2014

Acting KNH CEO Thomas Mutie said this was the most complex procedure to be done successfully in sub-Saharan Africa apart from South Africa.

He said “I am humbled by the success and importance of this event. The twins were born in Meru and referred to KNH where they were admitted to the surgical unit.”

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The procedure will be followed by rehabilitation until the twins get well. This is expected to take one year. The whole process was slowed down because the girls shared some vital parts of the body like the genitals.

Doctors save Conjoined Twins

Last week, the success story of a Baby Lynlee, who was born twice rocked the internet. One of the doctors in the team was a US-based Nigerian Doctor, Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye.

Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye and his team carried out a successful operation on the unborn baby with a tumour in her mother’s womb at Texas Children’s Hospital, USA. Dr. Olutoye. and Dr. Darrell Cass carried were the major surgeons and the operation was done while Baby Lynlee was just 23 weeks old. She was said to be suffering from a tumour known as Sacrococcygeal Teratoma.

A few days back, the Federal Government praised the Nigerian doctor for achieving such a feat.

With these Kenyan doctors also and a lot other unknown medical professionals doing great in Africa, it is the beginning of a new dawn for African doctors.