Senator Bruce: I Will Not Accept SUV Entitled To Senators


Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, who represents Bayelsa East senatorial district has declared on Wednesday, April 20, that he will not accept the SUV distributed to the Senate.

His statement on Twitter was a reaction based on the decision by the Senate to buy 36 Sport Utility Vehicles for its members. According to Bruce, “For the avoidance of doubt, I did not and will not accept any SUV. The only SUV, I, Ben Murray-Bruce will accept is a made in Nigeria car.”

Senator Bruce, whom some people have labelled the Obama of Nigeria, have been an advocate of frugal spending by Nigerian leaders. Just recently, the senator urged the President and other politicians to consider spending vacations in Nigeria rather than going abroad, a move which he admonished will help grow the country’s economy and alleviate the dying state of Nigeria currency.

In one of his political speeches Bruce said:

“But the world is changing, so is Nigeria. Therefore as Nigerians we have adjust some of our behaviours so that they make economic sense in today’s world. Instead of vacating over seas…Read More

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NASS Distribution of Exotic SUV Cars

Meanwhile, the distribution of 108 exotic cars by the Senate leadership to its members has triggered adverse reactions from groups who described it as the height of insensitivity to the current predicament of Nigerians by unperturbed leaders.

As stated and signed by the Chairman of the Transition Monitory Group (TMG), Com. Ibrahim Zikirullahi, in Abuja, who expressed surprise at “another demonstration of insensitivity by the Senate, which has gone ahead to distribute 108 exotic cars to members, in spite of the groundswell of voices against such a wasteful move.”

“The gluttonous manner in which less than 500 individuals are cornering the resources of a country where poverty and many other forms of privations are the order of the day, calls for concerted efforts among citizen groups, to reject the reign of these thieves garbed in legislative robes.”