This Is How Perfectly A Nigerian Legislator Described Governor Fayose


The many unrestrained statements of the Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has attracted a lot of undue attention to him which is the reason why many Nigerians believe he is currently being punished for his ‘over- outspokenness’.

Thus, the representative of Epe Constituency 2 at the Lagos state House of Assembly, Segun Olulade, has described the Governor as gradually becoming a nuisance. Hence, the legislator’s call on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to bring him under check with immediate effect.

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According to, this was said by Mr. Segun Olulade who wondered why the governor has resolved to always terrorize President Buhari and even recently, extended the attacks to the First Lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari. The lawmaker said:

 “Fayose has repeatedly attacked the person of the president and ever since he started, the president has never for one day looked at his side or responded to any of the attacks.

“One would have expected him to put an end to his senseless and needless attacks considering the fact that the president was not responding to him, but instead, he decided to shift attention to the president’s wife.”

Olulade Segun Olulade
Segun Olulade

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Olulade, who is the chairman of the committee on health services, went on to blast the Governor of Ekiti saying his action to connect the President’s wife to the Halliburton bribery scandal was an attempt to create distraction in order to remove the attention of people from the pressing issues going on in his state. Hear him:

“Fayose’s action could be taken for a drowning man who is trying to hold on to a straw.

“Workers in his state are on strike and instead of looking for ways to get these people back to work, he is attacking the wife of the president.

“If Fayose is innocent of the allegation that he benefited from the funds shared by Sambo Dasuki, then he should make himself available for investigation and stop talking about having immunity under the law.

“He should just clear himself of the allegations against him and stop misleading Nigerians.

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“He should tell Nigerians if it is a lie that he benefited from the largesse from Dasuki.

“At this point, I will call on leaders in the PDP to call Fayose to order and caution him against further attacks on the presidency,”