Segun Ogungbe Has Two Children With His Second Wife But Who Is His First Wife?

It is no longer news that the popular Nigerian actor Segun Ogungbe is married to two women and the actor appears to be at peace with both of them. Though accused of marrying two best friends, the Yoruba actor greatly appreciated his two wives for being mature and always letting peace reign in his house. Also a movie director, scriptwriter, and producer, Segun has come a very long way in the Nigerian movie Industry. He is a very skillful, creative, and amazingly talented actor, and he is popularly known for the Yoruba movies Amin and Olokiki Oru.

Amid his illustrious acting career, Segun’s private life has continued to attract the public’s attention mostly because of his relationship with the popular late actor Akin Ogungbe who made a name for himself for being married to 20 wives with 50 children. Although settling for a polygamous home like his uncle was never a part of his dreams, the actor has been able to harness his home in such a manner that his family is now a subject of discussion on various tabloids. Here are facts you should know about Segun Ogungbe’s wives and children.

Atinuke Ogungbe is Segun Ogungbe’s First Wife 

Not many knew of Segun’s polygamous home until his recent birthday celebration that had his wives taking turns to celebrate him. Segun’s first wife goes by the name Atinuke. Although she is not as popular as her actor-husband, she has had two children for him. Atinuke’s birth date is unknown, but following a recent birthday she celebrated in April 2020, she is assumed to be in her 40s.

It is not certain when Segun married his first wife, and further details about her background are unknown, but we are sure she has Yoruba origin, like her husband. News about her only came public when the actor took to his Instagram page to honor her during her birthday. Describing her as a good and supportive partner, Ogungbe appreciated his wife for her understanding and show of love all through their time together.

Following her emergence as Segun’s first wife, many assumed her to be best friends with her husband’s second wife. Hence, the actor was dragged for being married to two supposed best friends. However, Atinuke quickly debunked the rumor, saying she only became friends with her co-wife after being brought into the family as the second wife.

He Married His Second Wife, Omowunmi Ajiboye, In 2015

Omowunmi Ajiboye Ogungbe is Segun Ogungbe’s second wife. She hails from Ikirun town in Ifelodun Local government area in Osogbo, Osun State. Born on the 17th of April, 1986, Omowunmi is currently a Nollywood actress, writer, and movie producer. She is popular for her roles in the Yoruba movie genre. Her marriage to the popular actor was faced with some controversies as many assumed her to be the best friend to the actor’s wife and one of his theatre group members.

But contrary to the rumor, the actor revealed that he had known Omowunmi for many years, even before asking for her hands in marriage. Omowunmi was just a friend of Segun and was not working under his movie production, but she was having an affair with Segun, which led to her being pregnant for him. Segun had no other choice but to tie the knot with her.

They exchanged marriage vows in 2015, and she currently has two children for Segun. The first child Obafemi Ogungbe was believed to have been given birth to in 2015, and the second child, Obadara Ogungbe, was born on May 30th, 2020.

Omowunmi is a Popular Actress

For someone who has been in the acting field since he was three, getting a partner who understands the nature of his career or who is in the same line of career may make a huge impact in his life. Luckily, Segun’s second wife, Omowunmi, is a popular Nollywood actress. Though not as popular as her husband, she has made an impact in the Yoruba film genre.

Omowunmi is also a proud producer, writer, and brand influencer. She began acting in 2001 and has since appeared in films like Iyawo Asiko, Ile Aye, ounje Ajeku, Oriki Ife, etc. Segun’s first wife, Atinuke, has also appeared in some of her husband’s films, although it is unclear if she has officially gone into acting.

Segun and His Wives Are Living Together In Harmony

Segun Ogungbe and his two wives

It is hard to have a popular Nigerian Nollywood actor who can maintain a polygamous family free from controversies, but Segun Ogungbe appears to be among the few. The actor has often bragged about being blessed with a happy household. According to him, God has blessed him with two beautiful and understanding women.

Following claims that Segun married two best friends, many feared that the actor’s wives would be at war with each other. But contrary to the public feelings, the actor claims to be at peace with his wives. In an interview, the actor stressed that his household is peaceful because his wives understand each other.

Segun’s wives never knew each other before their marriage with the actor. They only became friends afterward. Atinuke stated further that though she never would want to share her husband with any other woman, she has learned to make Omowunmi her best friend for the sake of her love and respect for her husband. A proof of how well the wives enjoy each other’s company can be seen in how they praise each other on their various social media platforms.

The proud polygamist is also often seen attending important events together. The actor was once spotted attending his brother Omobolaji’s wedding ceremony together with his two wives. A replica of the same scenario could be seen during Atinuke’s birthday ceremony in 2020.

How Many Children Does Segun Have with His Wives?

Segun Ogungbe’s marriages have yielded him five (5) lovely children, namely Bolu Ogungbe, Femi Ogungbe, Fisayomi Ogungbe, Obadara David Ogungbe, and Obafemi Derrick Ogungbe. Bolu, Femi, and Fisayomi are his children with his first wife, Atinuke Ogungbe, while Obadara and Obafemi are from his marriage with his second wife, Omowunmi Ajiboye Ogungbe.

Little is known about his children except for Fisayomi, who her mother and stepmother recently celebrated after finishing elementary school. It also appears that the actor has a grown-up daughter who lives in Dubai. A recent Instagram post by Segun’s older wife has her celebrating a young lady she refers to as her daughter. The said lady also seems to be into acting like her parents.

Segun Ogungbe doesn’t show or talk much about his children on social media, but he is believed to be a loving and caring father to his children. On his birthday, his son, Femi Ogungbe, had called him a great father, a mentor, and a teacher to all his children.


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