Seed Sowing: My Wife Donated Our Entire Life Savings In Church


A 46-year-old Nigerian man has used the social media a platform to lament his anger over his wife’s decision to donate their N10 million life savings to the Church as seed sowing, to his oblivion.

According to the man who identified himself simply as Jerry, he only discovered their life savings was gone when he want to withdraw some money from the joint account he shared with his wife and pay to a real estate agent

Mr. Jerry further disclosed that his wife used the N10 million seed sowing in church believing that her family will receive more than what she donated. He even plans to ask the church for a refund.

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Below is what the man wrote:

“My name is Jerry, a 46-year-old man. I have been married to Nma for 12 years and we have three lovely children together but at the moment, I am very angry with her over what she did. You can’t imagine that my wife used our life savings, a total of N10 million to sow a seed in church without informing me.

We have slaved for many years, denied our family some basic things just so that we could put this money together so we could get a piece of land to build our house and in a moment of spiritual madness, Nma used the whole money to sow seed. I only got to realise this after I had finished negotiations with a real estate agent and at the point, I was supposed to pay for the land, I realised that the money had been withdrawn from our joint account by my wife. I was so shocked and embarrassed at the bank when the manager informed me that my wife had withdrawn the money over two months ago.

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When I got home and confronted her, Nma opened up and said she gave the money to our church for a building project. She even had the guts to tell me that she saw nothing wrong in giving our money to God as the blessings would come out of it would be more than the money. I have been so mad at her and I have told her never to set foot in the house unless she has the money intact. I have even contemplated going to the church to demand a refund of the money but some friends have been telling me it is not the right thing to do. What do I do?”

The teaches that God loves a cheerful giver, hence, the mood of seed sowing to the Church, Pastors or less privileged members of the church, is considered paramount.

But in the case of Jerry, it has become complicated, so what now?