Price of Sachet Water Across Nigeria Shoots Up Due To Naira Fall


Although the current naira/dollar exchange rate in the Nigerian parallel market has reduced drastically compared to the N400/per dollar transactions from last two weeks, naira fall has influenced prices of goods in the country. Water is supposed to be an almost free commodity, but unfortunately, it has not only been monetized but has been made expensive in the last few weeks.

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Since the crash of naira against dollar, prices of items, goods in the country have gone up, because almost everything in the country is imported. Interestingly, some items which were expected to maintain their prices have also been affected by the irregularities. In the case of sachet water, one might wonder how dollar rate influences the price of water which is drilled in the local environs.

The inflated price is due to the packaging; cost of nylon and printing of label on the nylon. The materials used in producing the sachets are imported as well as the ink for printing. and this is the reason why sachet water is now almost twice the original price in several states in Nigeria. Unfortunately, humans cannot survive without drinking water, so no matter how expensive the cost of water skyrockets to, we would still buy.

Here’s the price list for sachet water in major cities in Nigeria

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City Old Price (Bag, Sachet) New Price (Bag, Sachet)
Lagos N80, N5 N120, N10
Abuja N100, N10 N120, N10
Port-Harcourt N120, N10 N120, N10
Ibadan N150, N10 N180, N10
Benin N170, N10 N180, N10
Sokoto N50, N5 N50, N5
Katsina N50, N5 N50, N5
Abeokuta N100, N5 N150, N10
Kaduna N50, N5 N50, N5
Uyo N120, N10 N150, N20
Enugu N80, N5 N150, N10
Ondo N100, N5 N175, N10

How much is sachet water in your neighborhood?

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