Behold The New Buses To Replace Danfo In Lagos


To replace and phase out Danfo and Molues in Lagos, the state government has unveiled new modern buses which are expected to be cheaper and durable.

This is part of the state government’s plan to rebrand the transportation system in the state, by replacing the mini-buses, popularly called  Danfo, with high-capacity buses.

new buses to replace danfo 2

Lagos state commissioner for transportation, Dr. Dayo Mobereola said the scheme would see to the introduction of higher capacity buses that would have 30 seats as opposed to 14/18 seats, while the buses would be Eco–friendly, air-conditioned, comfortable, support for maintenance and backed by appropriate workshop which also creates jobs.

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With the introduction of the new mode of transportation, Mobereola says, danfo buses would be displaced economically as Lagosians would be left to choose between very cheaper means of transportation and expensive danfos.

new buses to replace danfo 3

The commissioner said Lagosians would rather queue up to board buses at cheaper rate than what the danfos would offer, thus, displacing them economically, adding that some of the existing danfo drivers had already keyed into the project.

This government project is supported by the National Union of Road Transport Workers. Government has therefore advised danfo bus owners to key into the project now before it is too late.

Earlier in the month, the commissioner had said that the state government would introduce commuter protection number plates and body tags on buses to show their routes and enforce colour uniformity on all public transport systems in the state.

Mobereola also disclosed that transport operators in the state would be taught behavioural etiquette and how to talk to commuters, while motor parks would be restructured in such a way that alcohol and illicit substances would not be found there.

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This transformation arrangement which will cover the taxi scheme, rail and water transport systems, is aimed at having a public transport system that supports its megacity status where tendencies for violence are curbed, while drivers and conductors are retrained and registered.