See Why This Abused Actress Pleads With Fans to Give Her Time to Heal


Heart broken Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, has had a fair share of criticisms over the past weeks. The young woman was recently separated from her husband, Adeniyi Johnson, only to fall into a rebound relationship with Nigerian movie maker, Seun Egbegbe. Toyin speaks out about the psychological abuse she’s suffered in the hands of her ex. She also admits to making mistakes in the two relationships and begs fans and critiques to give her space and time to heal from her emotional wounds.


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Toyin has been in the news a lot lately following her messy breakup with her ex lover, Egbegbe – a relationship which was rekindled in May 2015, after a long fifteen year break. On April 18, 2016, the embattled actress shared a post on her Instagram page, reaching out to Nigerians and asking them to share her pain and bear with her.


Toyin Aimakhu
Seun and Toyin Aimakhu

She wrote:

“Permit me to use this medium to address a particular issue that has always affected me psychologically. For the past months, my name has not been uttered with different controversial issues, both the truth and lies. Some find humor in it while some insult and curse me. I appreciate you all cause I believe its outta the love you all gat for me. But at this point I would say it has lingered for too long and does not seem funny anymore.

I am human, I feel pain, I have not stolen from anyone, I have killed no one, I have not engaged my self in any shady relationship with no one.

I was outta a marriage with someone I was so much in love with which left me traumatized. In the process of getting my life together and moving on quickly with my life I made another mistake of getting myself into another mess which only makes me human and I believe every disappointment is a blessing. For the record I never for once stated that i was kidnapped by Mr seun egbegbe or anyone…

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I have a life of my own which consists of my father, mother, siblings and extended family. They also are not happy and it eats me up. Please I beseech you all, no one should mention my name along with no man anymore. Please, enough is enough. Also I want to appeal to anyone I might have offended in anyway, my Family, news house and bloggers to please leave me to process all I am going through and heal quickly…. 

Thank you all for the love, God bless you. Lastly to every woman who has been abused psychologically, physically, morally and emotionally I respect you all… THE LORD IS YOUR MUSCLE (John 8:7) #womensupportwomen.

Watch what Suen has to say in this video:

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