Security Measures: 6 Ways To Live Safely In Lagos


Following numerous crime reports in the Nigeria commercial capital, Lagos state, including the latest Ikorodu murder of a family of four, it has become paramount for residents to be on constant vigilance and follow certain security measures in other to protect their lives and properties.

In a city where security is estimated to be less than 10 percent, everybody is a suspect; all manner of human beings roam the streets day and night – all living their lives the only way they know how.

It’s only in Lagos you can see a slum market where people keep buying and selling till it’s past midnight. Hence, miscreants roam some parts of the city like vultures. Nevertheless, here are safety measures to keep you alive, safe and happy in Lagos.

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 Residential Area Security Measures

Security Measures

Don’t Live in Isolation

Recently the Lagos State Police Command has warned Lagos residents against living in isolated and unsafe areas where they might be vulnerable to attacks by hoodlums.

This is said in reference to the killing of an entire family (except one) in Ikorodu days ago. The deceased family’s house was situated in a thick forest where it is remotely impossible for anybody to identify a dwelling house in the area, according to police spokesperson ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole.

Lock Up – 24/7

Whether day or night, indoor or outdoor, residents must ensure to secure their home with authentic security hardware on the windows and doors.

Remind your household staff and family members to look out for suspicious activities around the residence; for instance, surveillance, attempts to gain access to your residence by fraudulent means, and telephone calls or other inquiries requesting personal information.

Advice them to pay attention to details like noting descriptions of persons and license numbers of suspicious vehicles.

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Security Measures for Movements Around Lagos

security measures

When moving within the city of Lagos, extra caution is mandatory, especially at night. Even at late hours of the night, the highways of the city is packed with hustlers – snack sellers, some of who are looking for the perfect opportunity to rob.

You are advised to do the following:

  • Not to go out alone. Either go with a group of friends and do everything possible to stay together not be left behind;
  • Walk in well-lit areas and avoid walking slowly and through vacant lots, alleys, or other deserted areas;
  • Don’t text and walk simultaneously;
  • Be attentive to or observant of your surroundings;
  • Don’t allow people who you do not know tailgate or follow you to your residence;
  • As much as possible, avoid potentially risky or dangerous situations;
  • Co-operate with police by providing any information on any suspicious movements or the course of a criminal investigation.

If you’re driving, lock your car doors and windows; be conscious of your surrounding and ensure no one or car is tailing you. For those who follow the same route to work and home, find a way to vary your routes and times of movement; be familiar with your route and find alternative routes.

Remember to walk to your car with keys in your hand and be alert to people disguised as public utility crews, road workers, vendors, etc., who might station themselves near your home or office.

Security Measures for Children

Teach children never to admit strangers into the home. In other words,  don’t allow kids to open the door when someone knocks at the door even when you’re at home.

It’s important to teach children local emergency phone numbers, numbers to call if they need help and make sure younger children know their name, address, and phone number.

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Security Measures for Events

Plan ahead in a course of hosting an event to protect lives and property by informing and putting security team in place – 6 months prior to the event date – of course depending on the kind of event. It is also advised to plan for the worse case scenarios ranging from extraordinary (kidnapping, terrorist attack and violence) to ordinary crimes (fight, drunkenness, Stampede).

It is also advised to plan for the worse case scenarios ranging from extraordinary (kidnapping, terrorist attack and large-scale violence) to ordinary crimes (fight, drunkenness, stampede, etc).

What to do if robber(s) breaks in

Security measures

What will you do if at late hours of the night rubbers are trying to gain entry into your home? According to the Citizen Defense Train, taking the following step might help avert the situation.

  • Remain as calm, very quiet and listen to know how many intruders there are; what they’re doing and how close they are to you.
  • If you have a family to protect, gather them at a safer room – choose the most secure room with the best door, windows and lock, barricade it with furniture and other heavy objects and stay there.
  • Be sure your phone is fully charged, and know a security number or other number to call.
  • If the intruders reach the room and try to open it, be prepared to act. Do not shout or something like, “I’ve called the police.”  By doing so, you will give away your location.
  • If the intruder confronts you, remain calm cooperative, unless you believe that you are in a life-threatening situation.
  • Tell him you will cooperate in as normal a voice as you can and make no sudden moves. Hold your hands up to shoulder level.  It appears compliant, yet it affords you the ability to have your hands ready for defence.
  • If you must fight, look for an opportunity when the intruder lets down his guard, use a hard object and aim for his eyes or throat as fast and hard as you can, then run as soon as he’s stunned, and yell to get someone’s attention.

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Other Security Measures…

Every residential security measures begin with strong doors and windows. Home invasion robberies can last for hours and are always violent.

Be alert at all times. Don’t assume that you are always safe. Think about your safety everywhere. Your best protection is to avoid dangerous situations. If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, listen to your instinct and leave.

Practice all these security measures and leave the rest to God to handle.