Security Alert: Boko Haram Insurgents Might Be Making Plans To Attack Abuja Again


As the festive season approaches in a real holiday atmosphere with a lot of happy expectations, a warning has been dished out to people around Abuja metropolis to be more vigilant than ever as the extremist group Boko Haram might launch another terror attack in the area. The new information indicates that the sect is planning a major terror attack on the capital.

The information came about when a warning letter was sent across appropriate organisations to target areas for the terror groups to be really watchful. Also, the military and other security agencies in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have been alerted.

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A letter has also allegedly been sent from the Federal Capital Territory Authority to heads of Christian and Muslim congregation in Abuja, Telling them of the suspicions and cautioning them to sensitize their congregations.

The information letter from the Federal Capital Territory Administration reads in part:

“Their main targets are worship centres and markets with the use of young girls as members of aid groups to carry out their planned attacks.”

The letter was sent to all mosques, churches and markets across the FCT, asking everyone to keep a careful watch for possible danger especially strange persons who might put on clothes as aid workers who will stand or wait around the worship areas and markets without apparent reasons.”

Since the terror group carried out the attack at popular shopping plaza Emab – in the Wuse 2 District of the city on June 24, 2014 which killed at least 21 people and left 17 others injured, they have been conspicuously silent on the capital.

Glance through the sample of the letter.


The group had claimed responsibilities for several other bombings in the region that killed numerous people. With this new security alert, all the residents of Abuja are hereby urged to be watchful and report  any unusual behaviour they notice to appropriate authorities as soon as possible. Also, avoid unnecessary public gatherings.

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