Astonishing Scientific Discovery On How Snakes Lost Their Legs 


Scientists have made another bizarre discovery and it’s about a genetic process that had made snakes to loose their limbs.

The claim was made by scientists at the University of Florida who conducted the snake-leg research published Thursday in Current Biology and they focus on pythons for the study. According to them, molecular machinery for leg development still persists in snakes after all these millions of years.

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Theory of the supernatural creation indicates that all things looks exactly as God created them and as for snakes, we all know the story from Adams. It is known that before God placed a curse on the snakes – to always crawl on its belly at the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were tempted into disobedience, snakes roam the earth on legs.

Now, research has claimed three DNA deletions in the genetic switch that controls the activity of the a gene known as Sonic hedgehog. The switch called enhance, situated in front of the gene, is a docking site for proteins that control the gene’s activity.

One of the researchers and co-author Martin Cohn said the snakes’ Sonic hedgehog turns on as in any vertebrate with limbs, but then switches off. He explained that in limbed vertebrates, Sonic hedgehog controls the development of many organs, not just arms and legs. But without an enhancer for limbs, Sonic hedgehog could not make them fully develop. Cohn says:

“Their [Pythons) Sonic hedgehog limb enhancer was almost undetectable.

“So this tells us that there has been sequential degradation of Sonic hedgehog in the limbs in snakes.

“While studying python embryos, we saw a pattern of activity of this HOXD gene that was characteristic of a foot, which is a really strange result, because pythons don’t build feet.”

He and fellow researcher Francisca Leal found that “embryonic pythons make a pre-cartilaginous model of all of the skeletal elements of the limb. … They start forming a complete leg all the way down to the foot.

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Citing what Paleontologists had debated – that some of these ancient snakes retained the legs of their ancestors, whereas other species evolved after legs were lost, and, thus, they may have reacquired legs, Cohn said it could be because pythons have retained much of the molecular machinery for making limbs.

The researchers harbor the possibility have snakes with limbs, if embryonic structures of the snake embryo are retained and allowed to complete skeletal development.