Young Schoolboy Invents SIM-Free Phone That Does Not Need Airtime


It is very inspiring to see young ones in the society taking on projects that are educative, challenging and motivating at the same time. A grade 12 schoolboy in Namibia, Simon Petrus, has kept the internet abuzz following his creation of a sim-free mobile phone that does not need airtime. This implies that one can make calls with the phone without loading any credit card into it.

The talented young boy, a student at Abraham Iyambo senior secondary school, created the sim-free mobile phone using spare parts from a television set and a phone. The phone which does not make use of sim cards has power supplied to it through a radiator and is able to make calls using radio frequencies.

The phone, being a combination of telephone and television parts, also allows users to watch television channels on it as it was created using a radio system that is attached to a box.

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This is reported not to be Simon Petrus first attempt at invention. He was said to have invented a dual purpose machine which dries seeds and also act as a cooler at the same time. As a result of this invention, the schoolboy won a gold medal at the national level of a competition.

Boy Invents SIM-Free Mobile Phone That Does Not Need Airtime

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His parents have always been his strong support, they believe so much in him as they keep sponsoring him despite the fact that they are unemployed. Young Petrus wants his invention to be a huge success so he would be encouraged to move on from that point.

Petrus’ no-airtime-phone is considered to be the latest in the sets of inspiring and creative projects handled by students in that part of the globe.

Nigerians are also not lagging behind when it comes to inventing mind-blowing objects. Some months back, a Nigerian constructed a car using wood and the engine of a motorcycle.

The most amazing aspect of these manifestations of creativity is that some of these people bringing their amazing creations to the table do not even have access to any form of formal education.