SAY WHAT?? Wife Pours Acid On Husband Because She Loves Him


When a woman loves a man, she loves without reservation, she hates to share, and can go to unimaginable extents to keep him all to herself. This is the story of Remi Agunbiade, a 38-year old woman who lives in Ita Barika, Foko area of Ibadan, Oyo State. Her case however, is a story of love-gone-sour as she is currently cooling off in police net following a murder attempt which she made on her husband, Olawale Shola on January 27th, 2016,

Remi made an alarming confession to the Police admitting to have poured acid over her husband thinking it was a love portion. She carried out the deadly mission in order to ensure a sole ownership of her husband considering the fact that she loved him too much to share him with any other woman and she had bore no children for him. The attempted murder took place at about 09:00am, a time when Shola was lying down in a room he occupied with Remi.

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Although critically injured, Mr. Shola managed to pursue and stop his wife from escaping till neighbours came to his assistance and in the process, Remi also got some of the acid on her skin. This is how she narrated the story.

“I met Shola in 2003 and we have been together since then. He was the one who forced me to abort for him twice, and since then, I have not been able to get pregnant again. Then, he had a wife with two kids.

“When I had my first pregnancy, he said that his wife was also pregnant with their third child, asking me to abort mine, which I did. He used to schedule his stay between the two of us.

“We used to quarrel often and this got me worried because I knew that if he left me, I would not be able to have another steady relationship since no man would be willing to live with a barren woman.

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“I met a lady called Iya Azeez at a provision stall at Agbeni market, Ibadan. During our discussion, I intimated her of my challenges and said that I didn’t want to leave my husband.

“She replied that I would have to resolve the issue through self-help. I asked for assistance to stop further quarrels between me and my husband and she said she would help me get water that had been prayed into from an Alfa, stating that all I would need to do is to sprinkle it on my husband, after which he would love me without holding anything back. She gave me a bottle containing the liquid substance on Tuesday, January 26.

“The woman who gave me a substance told me that it was a charm meant to endear my husband to me. I never knew that what she gave me was acid.

“All I was trying to do was to keep my husband’s love so that he would not think of leaving me, because I know that my marriage with any other man would not endure because of my barrenness.

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“On Wednesday morning, Shola was lying down when I took the bottle and poured the content on his head. He cried in agony from sleep and I also shouted and ran out. But he followed me and caught up with me beside the house next to ours.

“He asked people to help him hold me so that I would not run away. By then, a huge crowd had gathered and it was then they started saying that it was acid that I poured him. Some of the liquid got rubbed on my body when he held me, giving me some burns.”

The suspect professed that she had no knowledge of the home of the friend who gave her the said bottle of liquid, saying that she only knew the lady about two months ago. She however affirmed that she had a squabble with her husband over the issue of accommodation, since she had already informed him that she was no longer comfortable living with him in a room she rented by herself.

“I decided to pack everything out of the room to another place, leaving it bare. His friends intervened and he came to sleep in the room with me on Tuesday. My action was because I didn’t want to have another husband.”

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She also divulged that her husband started going out with a woman in their neighbourhood three years ago, who usually derided her for her barrenness adding that her husband rented a room for the lady.

The victim of the murder attempt, Olawale Shola, later communicated to reporters who visited him at the Burns Unit of the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, where he is on admission, that his relationship with Remi had lasted for 11 years, a relationship ruined by the strain between Remi and his first wife. He also admitted to asking Remi to abort in the past but said it was only once. According to Shola;

“Remi and I have been together for over 11 years. My relationship with her caused a friction between her and my first wife who has four children for me.

“I used to defend Remi anytime she had a quarrel with my first wife, especially because she had yet to have a child. At a time, I abandoned my first wife to be with Remi when the first wife cursed Remi and said she would never have any child till she would quit relationship with me.

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“Also about three years ago, I started dating a lady. This caused Remi to be threatening her. She even went as far as quarrelling with the lady. Last year, I discovered that my first wife was already dating another man because of the neglect she suffered from me. As a result, I called Remi in October 2015 and told her that I would have to share days of the week between her and my first wife. Initially, she was angry at my suggestion but later said I should start in January 2016.

“I went to my first wife twice in January and by the I returned to Remi’s place, she had changed the lock and had packed all her belongings and mine. She also collected my phone from me under the pretext that she wanted to use it. After my friend’s intervention, she returned on Monday, January 25. But I went to sleep in the third lady’s house. On Tuesday, I went to Remi’s place and stayed there with her in the bare room.

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“On Wednesday, I was lying down, waiting for a friend. Suddenly, I felt a warm liquid on me. As I opened my eyes, I saw as she was about to run out and I went after her. I raised the alarm and people came. I told them that she had already threatened that she would do an unforgettable thing to me. That was how I was rushed to the hospital.”

The Police Public Relations Officer for Oyo State, DSP Adekunle Ajisebutu, said that the suspect who would be arraigned in court at a later date, was still undergoing investigation.