For Killing A Police Officer, See What Was Done To This Nigerian Man


In Saudi Arabia, a Nigerian man has been executed by Saudi Arabian authorities after being convicted of murdering a police officer.

Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement carried by the official SPA news agency that Fahd Houssawi was executed on Sunday, May 29 in the western city of Taif.

The ministry said he had been found guilty of strangling a policeman named Abdul-Ghani Al-Thubaity and beating him to death.

Houssawi had knocked the man to the ground before hitting his head repeatedly into the ground, beating him to death. He then injured another man in his attempt to escape.

This makes it the 95th execution of the year in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom, which imposes the death penalty for offences including murder, drug trafficking, armed robbery, rape and apostasy.

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The surge in executions has drawn concern from Human Rights groups. Amnesty International has warned that at the current rate Saudi Arabia could see more than 100 executions in the first half of 2016.

Last year, the London-based watchdog said the Saudi Kingdom carried out at least 158 death sentences, making it the third most prolific executioner, the highest in 20 years, governed by Islamic law, after Iran and Pakistan.

Its figures do not include secretive China. Amnesty said the executions this year are higher than at the same point last year, most were beheaded or killed by firing squad.

Murder and drug trafficking cases account for the majority of Saudi executions, although 47 people were put to death for “terrorism” offences on a single day in January.

They included prominent Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr whose execution prompted Iranian protesters to torch Saudi diplomatic missions, triggering a severing of relations.

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Earlier this year UK organisation Reprieve urged the British Government to pressure its allies in the Gulf to stop the executions, which looks set to reach a new record high if the current rate continues.