President Obama’s Daughter Now Works In A Restaurant


Surprisingly, little miss Sasha Obama is not overwhelmed by her father’s wealth and status, as she decides to take a job, despite being the daughter of the United States President.

The younger daughter of Barack Obama caught the world’s attention after getting a summer job at a seafood restaurant in Massachusetts, a town which has been a favourite summer break location for the Obamas.

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According to Boston Herald, Sasha has taken up a job at Martha’s Vineyard while on summer break. The 15-year-old girl tenders to the needs of customers at the restaurant just like any other waiter, however, she is guarded by six secret service agents.

Sasha Obama being escorted to a car

Sasha Obama

The bodyguards accompany Sasha Obama to work every day and wait nearby in a car until she completes her 4-hours shift. Photos of Sasha serving in the restaurant’s uniform of blue T-shirt and cap, went viral on the internet and the world can’t help but wonder what manner of humility the Obamas family possess.

A co-worker told the Herald: “She’s been working downstairs at takeout. We were wondering why there were six people helping this girl, but then we found out who it was.”

while at the restaurant, the duties of Sasha Obama include working on the takeaway counter, waiting on tables and helping to prepare the restaurant for lunchtime opening.

Sasha Obama
Barrack Obama and two daughters

So far, no comment has been made by the President or the First Lady, however, Michelle Obama once said she is trying to raise her two daughters as normally as possible.

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This is quite unusual but Sasha is not the only rich kid who has taken a vacation job. As a teenager, Donald Trump Jr. worked as a dock attendant at his father’s marina at Trump Castle in Atlantic City. Similarly, Sasha’s elder sister, Malia Obama once had two internships working on film sets. Keep it up young chaps, the world loves your hardworking spirit.