Sex Is A Choice; Menstruation Isn’t Therefore Sanitary Pads Should Be Free, Condoms Should Be Sold


A Nigerian Lady on Facebook with the name, Vivian Ugwu says that Sanitary pads should be free… and condoms should be sold!

Below is what she wrote:

SANITARY PADS should be free, condoms should be SOLD. sex is a CHOICE; Menstruation ISN’T… This is now #400. Lots of girls out there can no longer afford this. Help campaign this issue by sharing this post.

In order to curb the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases and various infections, different health related organisations have on many occasions distributed free condoms to youths as a preventive measure.

In line with this, different civil society groups and health related NGOs shared free condoms in the FCT on February 12, 2016 at parks and event centres as Valentine celebrations approached. A cross section of Abuja resident who welcomed the gesture while others abhorred it.

Mr. Felix Ajide, a journalist and pastor said that the NGOs have a misconception of what valentine celebration was all about. He noted that, “distributing condom openly is endorsing and encouraging fornication and adultery’’.

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Former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, also pledged his support for the distribution of free condoms when in 2001, he urged Nigeria’s military leaders to “consider” distributing free condoms to their troops.

“You must not allow AIDS to ravage our armed forces,” Obasanjo told officers during a one-day retreat. Obasanjo “promised” to implement a policy that would have the military stock condoms in barrack clinics to be “given freely to military personnel.”

He said that based on the report that “hundreds” of soldiers returning from peace-keeping duty in Liberia and Sierra Leone were found to be HIV-positive, and “scores” of Nigerian soldiers have died from AIDS-related complications.

Miss Vivian has however voiced out the thought of many Nigerian women who are already finding it difficult to purchase their sanitary pads as a result of its daily increasing price.

Free condoms or free sanitary pads, which do you prefer?