Sagir Muhammad Unveils Nnamdi Kanu’s Secret Agenda


In an interview which the leader of the defunct Arewa Peoples Congress, APC, Alhaji Sagir Muhammad, granted to Vanguard, he revealed that the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has an ulterior motive. Responding to a question on Biafra agitation, the retired military intelligence officer said:

“Those Indigenous People of Biafra have a hidden agenda. Their hidden agenda is to declare Biafra and then go recolonize the South-South.

“They would go and within a question of less than one month they would capture all those South-South and colonize the oil fields that is the agenda of IPOB. If you look at the East, it is land-locked; they don’t have any serious minerals apart from coal.

“Even the geography and geology of the East is so poor that even to build a good house they cannot unless you build a house in a bush because it’s all bush, it’s all forested and that is why you find the majority of the elite Igbo are now half of the owners of the houses in Abuja.

“If the Indigenous People of Biafra are now saying that they want to have Biafra what are you going to do with more than three quarters of the Igbo who are outside the East?

“Those in Kano, those in Lagos what are you going to do with then? Will you take all those people back to Biafra? They have no houses to live, they have no means of livelihood. They make money outside and not in the East so you find that they are crawling into fantasy world.

They were talking vaguely during former President Goodluck Jonathan administration but what is really happening is they still say that Nigeria is not fair to the Igbo. One, up till now they do not have an Igbo President.”

Reacting to Alhaji Muhammad’s assertion,The Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, yesterday said that the statement was unworthy of serious consideration. The group however, clarified that it only plans to set the people of south-south free from the chains of the Yoruba and Hausa people who have kept them in slavery for years.

According to the Uchenna Madu, the leader of MASSOB,

“MASSOB can never be intimidated, disorganized or shaken because of some disgruntled, frustrated, confused, defeated people like Sagir Mohammed who in frustration, alleged that Ndi Igbo wants to capture and colonize the people of South-South with Biafra.

“MASSOB, Indigenous Peoples of Biafra,  IPOB, and Lower Niger Congress, LNC, with our affiliates in Diaspora are more determined, consistent and articulated for Biafra actualization not minding the cries of Sagir Mohammed and his likes. We are not in the Biafra struggle to colonize our south-south brethren but to decolonize them from Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba oligarchy who have held them captives for decades, subjected our brothers and sisters into slavery as was meted to Ndigbo.

“90 per cent oil wells in Niger Delta were owned by these criminal parasites of northern oligarchy. Today, the Fulani are crying fowl because they have no stake again as Nigeria is in near collapse under the leadership President Muhammad Buhari. The people of eastern region are wiser now, formidable, united, focused and determined for survival, emancipation and independence of Biafra. Igboland is not locked as alleged by Sagir Mohammed. The people and land of south-east region are more developed individually than the entire 19 states of northern Nigeria.”

The controversial statement made by Sagir Muhammad is not being taken lightly by many Nigerians especially the people of the South-East and south-south regions who have responded with harsh words hurled against Alhaji Sagir and his people. Below are some of the comments:


Look at a nincompoop that calls himself an intelligent officer. you fulani/housas are very foolish. We can never be together with u Ishmaelite the enemy of Isaac. The south-south and south east are the same. We are not colonizing anybody, i thank God they have intelligent ppl and have seen who is colonizing who Since oil was dicovered in 1957 hw many of the south east have have been been stealing oil the way all of u tout are stealing it. Igbos want the best for our brothers niger deltans. So biafra will come if anybody does not to join fine. We are forcing anyone but we will live in peace better than those cattle rearers.

kibo Kino
@Hussaini shuwa Sagir Muhammad. You are a fool. How long have you the Arewa people colonized the South-South? Mining and manning their oil, looting the funds and siphoning it to Dubai and UAE to develop their country while your zoo remains perpetually under developed?  Wicked Islamic Jihadist. What do you contribute to the economy? Nothing. Only violence, producing boko-haram, the underwear bomber etc. What do you have to tell the South-South  people? Nothing, You Arewa people take their oil money and leave them with nothing, absolutely zoo.  You leave them disillusioned and hopeless. Messed-up their land and leave them in swamp.The time has come for the people of the South-South  to shine their eyes now and stop you thieves from looting their God giving resources. This is modern time. You era of looting is up. Let it be known to you Arewas!!!!!!. ALLAH will continue to avenge the blood of the innocent on your hands. Shame on you. Rotten jungle-zoo.
It wont work aboki. I am from the South South and the Ibos are our brothers. No amount of attempt to divide us will succeed this time around. Whatever happened in the past between our forefathers belongs to the past. We are a new generation and our future certainly doesn’t lie with the abokis or the Yorubas who are never to be trusted.
“Even the geography and geology of the East is so poor that even to build a good house they cannot unless you build a house in a bush because it’s all bush, it’s all forested and that is why you find the majority of the elite Igbo are now half of the owners of the houses in Abuja.”

This mallam has vindicated some Igbo who hold the view that the Hausa/Fulani are stupid. Where did this fool get the idea that you cannot build a good home in Igbo land? Who told this aboki that it is all bush and forest in the South East? Chei! Awusa man saying Igbo land is all bush in spite of the fact that the best homes in Nigeria are in this “Land of the rising Sun” – this is one of the reasons Biafra must be; it is only a matter of time.

This guy probably has NOT been to Igbo land before, not to talk of knowing it’s terrain just like some uninformed Igbo think the North is all desert with no trees – very little knowledge is dangerous.

Hello Muhammad? It is not only in Abuja that the Igbo own most of the real estate. From Port Harcourt to Lagos to Kano, the story is the same – that is the nature of the Igbo – they develop wherever they live. Get some knowledge, son.

I believe it is necessary at this point in the life of Nigeria, that everyone should apply wisdom in his speech and avoid saying things that will offend the sensibility of a group of people if really we must stay together in one piece.

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