Sagay advises Jonathan to Confess All His Wrong Doings To Buhari Before He Gets Caught


As more people gets caught in the web of the misappropriated public fund meant for the purchase of ammunition the Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN),advised the former president Good luck Jonathan to secretly confess all he knows about the scandalous arms deal to President Mohammadu Buhari to avoid being caught.

The Chairman said this in a chat with the Punch.  According to him, if Jonathan hid to his advice, he may be accorded the respect due to him by virtue of being a former President.

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Professor Sagay also pointed out that the case of the former President being arrested relating to the arms scandal is a “sensitive one”. He added that his concession of defeat to Buhari during the March 28 Presidential election does not make Jonathan a hero, as one good action could not correct several evil deeds.

“To start with, the great reputation he (Jonathan) seems to have is the fact that he admitted defeat. There are thousands of actions that are negative actions so I don’t think that we should overplay it.

“But on the issue of the former President going to prison, I agree that it is a bit touchy politically but the case of Jonathan is particularly bad if you see the manner with which the country’s resources and government coffers have been turned into a bazaar parlor where everyone goes to collect his own share. Just like Warri boys would ask, ‘You don obtain your own?’

“Everyone was going to ‘obtain’ under Jonathan. It was just bizarre but I understand that dealing with a former Head of State is always a sensitive issue but I would say he should have a private chat with President Muhammadu Buhari and say all that he knows and if there is anything he has to release, then he should release it and be allowed to go quietly into retirement,” he stated.

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He assured  Nigerians that  the Administration of Criminal Justice Act coupled with the anti-corruption stance of the President would ensure that no one escaped justice.

Meanwhile, Sagay reacted to the N120m collected by some members of the Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria from Dasuki which is believed to be part of the diverted $2bn. He said investigations would determine if the newspapers were culpable or not.