Buhari Insists That There Are Saboteurs In His Government


President Muhammadu Buhari have expressed worries over the existence of saboteurs in his administration. Although  he did not mention the names of these people, he said they are key members in his administration who are not “100 percent loyal” to his government.

President Buhari disclosed this while speaking in an interview with Al Jazeera during his recent trip to Qatar, which was aired on Saturday. When asked if he meant there were saboteurs in his government, he replied: “Certainly!”

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He said it would be costly to assume that government officials, especially those his government inherited from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will be 100 per cent loyal to his government. Adding that his government had put machinery in place to reduce the cost of governance and that those who want to be fair to his government will appreciate these efforts being  made in cutting the cost of governance.

I will like people to assess Nigeria, especially this government on where we found ourselves. When we came in, we found out that there were 42 ministries and we found out that the economy could not take 42, so we reduced it to 24. We also removed 21 permanent secretaries.

People who want to be fair to us to sit and reflect, from the president to the ministers to the permanent secretaries were all taken over after eight successive governments of those who are now in the opposition.

So, we cannot assume that all of them are 100 percent loyal to this government.

The President also spoke on the ongoing probe into the diversion of funds meant for the procurement of arms and ammunition for the Nigerian military to fight the insurgency.  He said:

The fact is that people that are identified as taking public funds without going through the normal system of getting public funds are being detained and they are being interrogated so that there will be successful convictions.

Speaking on  the recent fight against terrorism, President Buhari said Nigeria has enlisted in the Saudi Arabia Islamic coalition fighting terrorism, explaining that the Lake Chad Basin Commission, comprising Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Benin are also members of the coalition.

We are part of the Islamic coalition because we have got terrorists in Nigeria, which everybody knows and the terrorists claim to be Islamic. So, if there is an Islamic coalition to fight terrorism, we will be part of it because we are casualties of Islamic terrorism.

Boko Haram has declared loyalty to ISIS and ISIS is based in Islamic countries, and if there is a coalition to fight them why shouldn’t we be part of it, particularly when those fighting the country claim to be Muslims, although what they are doing is against Islam.

When asked if non-Muslims would not feel that he is attempting to Islamise the country, he replied:

Why can’t those Christians that complain fight terrorism in Nigeria or fight the militants in the south? It’s Nigeria that matters, not the opinion of the religious bigots.

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