Imo Leaders

Rochas Okorocha is one of those great leaders with huge brilliant ideas that can actually change our nation if they are put in place. He has gained for himself a very warm place in the hearts of many. Many people regard him as one of the most respected and richest politicians of our time while some others believe he is the most talked about politician in the history of Nigeria and even one of the controversial ones. His philanthropic gestures had at distinct situations gained him absolute likeness from many. However, there are some gripping facts you still don’t know about Rochas Okorocha.


He was born in his hometown (Ogboko, Ideato, Imo State) on the 22nd of September 1962. Ideato Local government (now divided into Ideato North and South) in Orlu senatorial zone. The division of Ideato into South and North placed his parents village under Ideato South Local government. Many mistake him for a Northerner but it is crucial to note that  he is a bonafide Igbo man.


Rochas schooled in Juladaco High School, Jos (1976-1981), and later proceeded to The University of Jos (1990-1991) where he obtained a diploma in Public Administration. Afterwards, he obtained advanced Diploma in Public Administration in (1993-1994).

Previous Career:

Prior to being the Governor of Imo state, Okorocha was a Commissioner of the Federal Character Commission and a Member of the National Constitutional Conference. He had a reasonable early political career which adds to the many ideas he possesses today. He has been the President of Nigerian Red Cross Society, he is the President/Founder of Rochas Foundation Inc, President of Rochas Group of Companies Limited, Pro Chancellor of African Business School and Former Chairman of Board of Nigerian Airspace Management Agency.

Early Political career:

Rochas once lost to Achike Udenwa in 1999 when he competed in the primaries to be candidate for governor under People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform and later moved to the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP), and failed as candidate for President on the ANPP platform in 2003. He later moved back to the PDP, leading to President Olusegun Obasanjo appointing him  Special Adviser on Inter-Party affairs.

Political Scandal:


Rochas was once reported to had stormed the Imo State Secretariat of APGA with dozens of thugs, who beat up a handful of top officers of the APGA and also threatened the Imo State Chairman and Secretary of APGA. He was suspended from campaigning in december 2010 by the party as the case was ongoing then, but Okorocha later went on to campaign as APGA candidate.

Rochas’ Big Celebration:


Uju Rochas Okorocha, daughter of Imo state Governor is a doctor by profession and got married to her heart-throb Dr.Uzoma Anwukah on 11th October 2014 in Owerri. The wedding was graced by governors, senators, and the rich at large. Their wedding cake invariably showed the way Imos’ wealth is being spent…a lovely wedding, anyway.

Political Actions:

Many are not yet aware that Rochas sacked all democratically elected Council Chairmen and Councilors, sacked ten thousand youths employed during Ohakim’s administration, dissolved tenured Boards & Commissions and lots more just within one week of assuming office.

His Governance:

According to report, ex-governor of Imo State handed over N26.8 billion to Gov. Rochas, which on different instances he has been asked to give account of the money but he has not been able to do that. Also, many said there is no project that has been fully completed in his tenure…. The question we are left to ask is, “could it be true?” Well the answer to it is still far-fetched.


The free education granted to primary and tertiary school students in Imo state is still controversial since there has not been free education  in this country for Primary Pupils since  1999 which led to the creation of the Universal Basic Education Boards to oversee the implementation of the free education at both Primary and Junior Secondary level. This is being financed by the Federal Government. That notwithstanding, we assume he gave free education to primary and tertiary schools.



Not many people are well aware that Rochas’ mother takes the decisions of the first lady because his wife lives abroad permanently and chooses to make such arrangement as she suffers from strange ailments whenever she is within the shores of Nigeria.The sickness sees to it that the woman loses consciousness as soon she lands in Nigeria. In several occasions that she had been in the country, she acted in a strange manner  and regained her calmness only when she got back to her home in a foreign country. Could it be that she has Phobia for Nigeria? Anything is possible these days.